Introducing the New YakTribe Games

Apr 3rd, 2017 by Dave Knife
Welcome to the new home of the 'Tribe

Over the years since the first creation of the Necromunda online tools, the Yak site has gone over several different looks with a redesign of the tools themselves several years ago to cater for a more responsive design. However, it has always been two specific parts, the online gaming tools and the community forums. The next evolution of YakTribe is a major upgrade not only on the core tools but also bringing a lot more functionality to the main website as well.

Some of the new features have been created to fill a need for the wargaming community that I've experienced here so many times over the years. How do I find players near me for the games I want to play? The new components are designed around that need, providing a means of telling the system what games you want to play and finding people around you with the same interests.

In addition to the Community Forum, there are a host of new features:

  • Now features game pages and a game browser. These game pages provide some basic information on the games, links to their site, shop, forums and tools (if available on YakTribe) as well as similar games based on their tags.
  • The game Publishers are also now featured here, providing basic info on the company and a catalogue of their titles present on YakTribe.
  • Present on the game pages is a Player Meet panel, which provided you have set your location, which display some other people around you similarly looking to meet up for gaming. This service is opt-in, meaning on the game page you must turn on the "Want to play..." options.
  • To support the Player Meet functions, a new Locations component has been added, providing you access to info on local gaming stores where you can join in on wargaming events or for your arranged meets via YakTribe. If you'd like your local stores and gaming locations added, please contact us. A self-service form will be added soon.
  • Also added are Favorites. Each of the new game, publisher and location functions also have icons which you can click to favorite. Your favorites interact with the player meet and news components to make it even easier for you to get the info you want.
  • From an editorial perspective, and to provide information on your favorites games featured here at YakTribe, News and Articles have also been added. Any news linked to your favorite games, publishers and locations you'll be automatically alerted about.
  • One of the favorite parts of YakTribe, the Competitions now have their own home to feature all the entries and the artists. We're also hoping to partner with great vendors and combined with subscriptions, provide some awesome prizes for the competitions.

What was the birth of Yakromunda back in 2009, the Necromunda online tools have been loved by fans of the game for years and as of writing this article, have created over 18,000 gangs and hundreds of campaigns and battles. As part of the new site, the Necromunda tools have been completed re-written from scratch and include a lot of new features. Rather than list them all here, check out the list and discussion in the community.

YakTribe has been supported over the years by the fantastic community, from their contributions and helpful nature to financial help through donations. With the new site comes new means of helping to support via Patreon! Benefits are listed on the Patreon page and soon the upgrades will be automatic. For now the subscriber upgrade is process manually so please ensure your email on Patreon is the same as your YakTribe email.

Subscriptions will also be available soon directly on the site via PayPal if you would prefer not going through Patreon.

To provide some help with the new site functions and the new Necromunda tools, I will be creating some tutorial videos to be posted on our new YouTube channel. Pop over and subscribe to get alerted when they're posted.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the new Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Dave Knife, Founder