TribeMEAT 2019 UK

Oct 17th, 2018 by Dave Knife

The Yak crew in the UK are once again organizing the annual UK TribeMeet TribeMEAT for March 2019, which will be the fourth such event for the 'tribe. This year will be bigger than ever and to help organize and pay for the event, the UK committee has created our first YakTribe kickstarter!

TribeMEAT 2019 UK

We want to organise our Tribemeet gaming weekend for likeminded fans of Necromunda NCE edition. This will be the third such event we've organised between us and it is gathering momentum. We need to raise cash to pay for the room and some top-notch resources that the event deserves - professional looking rules packs, and prizes for competitions ranging from best gang to most sporting/fun player. This Kickstarter is to finance the event, allow us to purchase enough terrain to run a much larger event in future and generally extend the reach of the community. Without your pledges this can't go ahead, but if this event succeeds with your support we will be doing this at least twice the size next year!


Sponsored by MadRobotMiniatures, DeepCut Studios,, Wargames Tournaments, Secret Weapon, Tiny Worlds and more with lots of great prizes and scenery to enjoy.

So check out the Kickstarter, choose your Pledge and look forward to a great weekend!