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New Profile Posts

  1. Ash_Wastes_Traveler
    Ash_Wastes_Traveler Malo
    Malo what are the points for, I noticed I have some but I have no idea if they are good to have or bad.
  2. Punktaku
    Punktaku Stoof
    Nice new title!
  3. spafe
    spafe The Duke
    Friend!!! lol
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  4. The Duke
    The Duke
    back like the ratskin renegade mastah-blastah!
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  5. adlard.matthew
  6. Borvin
    Searching for players around Jena, Germany
  7. RobStrachan
    Twitter: @wackostracko
  8. Howks
    Howks Vultan
    add me and joe to your campaign.. well.. add joe's (check theyre his latest and not his old gang) but mine will hopefully be added sometime soon.

  9. Mad Sergeant
    Mad Sergeant
    New Necromunda is coming
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  10. Andyvegas
    I'm in the joint to drink beer, talk shut and stack orlock bodies and looks like I'm fresh out of orlocks
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  11. Andyvegas
  12. Punktaku
    Punktaku ClockworkOrange
    I see you have a properly fitting title. very nice!
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  13. Slave to Darkness
    Slave to Darkness
    Coca Cola lipstick Ringo Dance all night, dance all night I've got dancing legs (woah) I've got dancing legs
  14. pressure
    Lamenting the loss of my heavy stubber, not the guy, just the stubber
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  15. SirFrog
    After this project I conclude that CSS is made of insanity and more inexplicable inheritance issues than old Central European monarchies.
  16. Gdolkin
    Gdolkin The Duke
    Give this man a fancy hat!
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  17. Gdolkin
    Nerd since '93, since SW:A arrived I've remembered Necromunda is the best and I'm making my home in the Underhive..
  18. SirFrog
    And now for something completely different: Work.
  19. Malo
    Vacation for 3 days coding like a madman on Yak4.... need more coffee
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    2. Punktaku
      are you sure that's a vacation?!?
      Sep 21, 2017
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  20. TakUnderhand
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