YakTribe Subscriptions

YakTribe has been supported over the years by the fantastic community, from their contributions and helpful nature to financial help through donations. With the new site comes significantly increased costs to support a lot of imagery that is a big part of the miniature gaming hobby, highly scalable servers to increase processing power as the site grows and ore premium server software and web plugins to enhance the experience.

In addition to the completely free online tools, competitions and extensive vault resources, what are the benefits to you, the subscriber?

Honored Tribesman $2 USD per month (6 months for $10)

  • 5Gb Media Gallery storage for your hobby images. These albums of images are not only used to post into the forum threads, are great for other members to browse, show up randomly around the site and are your source for the tools such as Gang and Ganger images. Can also be used to insert your images into other community forums with provided embed code.
  • Enhanced forum access. Set your own custom title, full editing/delete rights to your own content, attachment uploads, enhanced signature support and bypass all post count-based requirements
  • No advertising anywhere, ever. YakTribe does not employ any of the standard 3rd-party ad systems or script junk. However, relevant hobbyist vendor image ads are being added to provide some additional income for the community. As a subscriber, you will never see any of these ads.
  • Honored member private forum. A subscriber forum gives you insight to coming content before anyone and provides access to development versions. Help out with testing and have your say before it goes live.
  • Custom chat options for colors, private password protected chat rooms and more
  • Create multiple Guilds
  • Create private tournaments
  • More votes on competitions! haha just kidding.

Tribe Council $5 USD per month (6 months for $25)

This level provides all the same features as Honored, apart from:

  • 10Gb Media Gallery storage
  • Assert your will. Help make decisions on priorities for development of YakTribe. Be a difference maker.

NOTE: Monthly subscriptions are auto-renewing. 6 month subscriptions will NOT auto-renew.

How do I subscribe?

There are 2 available options for subscribing, choose whichever is more convenient for you:

Site Subscription

Simply go to the Account Updates section of your profile and select which level you'd like. Payment processing is via Paypal and creates an ongoing monthly payment until you choose to cancel.


If you're a member of Patreon and want to add YakTribe to your existing/new list of creators, visit our YakTribe Patreon page to join!

Optionally, you may also donate directly to YakTribe through PayPal at

Thank you fellow Yakkers for all you have done for the commmunity over the years and for supporting the site and tools I've been able to give you.

Dave Knife, aka Malo