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  • Badzone Defense Projects Agency
    Badzone Defense Projects Agency {BDPA}

    Van Saar Black Site deep within the bad-zones. Dedicated to the research and repair of their primary STC. The BDPA is unique in its employment of a Clandestine Operations Team. Made up of defected houses, and Xenos Outcasts, indoctrinated to the cause...
  • MPJ5- Gateway.jpg
    I really like your approach to the plasma coils. I'm working on my own set now and was trying to think up a good alternative to the standard blue glowy thing everyone else seems to do.
  • Struttin' 3 morebackbaby
    Nice pose.
  • UAC Pit Slaves
    Hey! I just saw these on Facebook. I didn’t comment over there, but these are a very nice use of those CGC models. I considered using them for the same thing, but don’t own any and wasn’t sure if I wanted to try it out. Looks like they work really well!
  • 20190906_224218.jpg
    Those are excellent additions to the board. Did you cast them yourself?

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