Badzone Defense Projects Agency

Tzeentch Favored Van Saar Outcasts
Badzone Defense Projects Agency {BDPA}

Van Saar Black Site deep within the bad-zones. Dedicated to the research and repair of their primary STC. The BDPA is unique in its employment of a Clandestine Operations Team. Made up of defected houses, and Xenos Outcasts, indoctrinated to the cause of a fully operational and secret STC, and the promise of a better future.

Inductees of the BDPA are given new identities within the agency, and implants to prevent any further defection. Nobody leaves the BDPA. The agency is heavily removed from traditional affiliation with house van saar, while they are granted supply and funding. they officially don’t exist.

Interactions and bribes with the reclusive denizens of the bad zones and investigating the many rumors of a forgotten archive, deep in the most dangerous recesses led the BDPA to a sunken library. A dedicated time capsule to the dark age of technology, containing blueprints and expansive historical accounts including the nature of the AI’s potential sentience and its ability to become corrupted via the dark gods.

The BDPA, resolves this information to potentially work in their favor via calculated moves to utilize their Overseer and 2nd in command to use their psychic abilities to channel communications through an indigenous being known as the Abomination of Badzone 12. Directly contacting the lord of change. In hopes that it’s infinite wisdom could solve the deficiencies in the constructor.

Protocols were set in place as to sever the influence of the dark god once particular capstones were achieved. The STC could then operate and update itself, and correct any warp corruption. In its best interest.

Things went to plan, but nothing is without equal exchange, and no one deceives the great deceiver.

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