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Cannot see enough of it but it looks like an NFL jersey. Hard to tell with colour from just this photo but it will be 9ers, Cards or Falcons if it is. I was wanting to identify it then hopefully mock whoever was wearing it.
OK with the black collar I think it is Falcons. Is that a Matt Boscher jersey? Are you Matt Boscher because I am not sure why anyone else would buy a kickers jersey on purpose :p
I don't know owt about NFL but yeah, knowing the guy whose wearing it, it likely is. I'll ask him on the 24th when I see him see if he can recall. I know he played American football at uni so might explain some of it
It could be a college shirt though (US) or one of his shirts if he played on a uni team here. But it looks like an Atlanta Falcons Jersey
Haha, it's fine. he wont take offence to owt really. But I suspect it might have been his own when he played. And yeah, given his build I assume a kicker is similar status to rugby number 10?

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