B2 zone

B2 zone

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The whole thing, really. The retail on even the new stuff for this quadrant, counting the roof, is over $200. Taken as a whole, the entire project / all the quadrants, has got to be north of $1000 just for the new / not out of print stuff. Plus the man hours of your expert labor. The classic necro bulkheads on top of that...!

Worth it though!
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I costed it before.. I brought one du box and another terrain only portion at $620, 2 boxes of floor tiles $200, resin and silicon for bulkheads 300, otp 3d printed flooring $210, 1 box prom pipes $60, 2x mal edge terrain sprue $90, thinderhawk tile $260, landing pad $60, various 3d printed $85, paints and weathering equipment.. roughly $300... hmm I think that’s it.. but that’s a whole 6x4 gaming table that’s taking me nearly 6months to build and paint. So it’s essentially half a year of hobby budget. Once the costs are spread it was within my splurge budget. Im boring and currently have no other hobbies (and only one game system). So 100% of my splurge savings can go into projects like this. 👍

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