Grymn 08 GL heavy WIP

Grymn 08 GL heavy WIP

by my calculations, based on the age of Yakling #5, this has been a WIP for nearly 3 years...
Your paint is so chunked it's hard to look at and I still think this is the greatest collection of raw cyberpunk miniatures I have ever seen. Just the breath of your mods and variety of sets, from Warzone, to a cornucopia of small productions is jaw dropping. The range of characters you must be able to field looks like the funnest tabletop experience I could imagine. The care in you minature selection for the lowest common denominator of armed combatant is unparalleled. Never have I seen such an innate feel for the diversity of the galactic hive inhabitants. And it is all painted like it has to be on the table ready to fight and die.

I feel like there is more character in one of your Auto Pistol wielding Joes than could be mustered in a thousand Space Marine chapters. Viewing your collection as a whole, I feel like a real rebel movement can be seen simply in the nature of you weapons modifications. You haven't simply built a miniature collection my friend, you have built an armed population. And for that, every "Hive" in the galaxy is greatful.

Maximum tipping.

Collections like yours are the greatest case that can be made for an open galaxy wide setting.
Wow! well, thank you very much!

By "chunked" I'm guessing that's the "Technicolor" I've been called due to lack of shades and washes?
"Chunked" is a term that I feel describes miniatures that are painted with an urgency to play but also respect the artistic investment required to fully immerse the players into the saga. It's a feeling that your miniatures have gone through boot camp and no matter the skill of their coating they deserve respect. A "chunked" miniature is done being painted and ready for battle.

Not only are your figs "chunked" they also are, superbly modded, and authentically armed.
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