Necromunda 4x4 Mat

Necromunda 4x4 Mat

A printable mat for Gang War stitched together on photoshop from Necromunda tiles
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A bit dark (or so it seems), but super cool otherwise! Any recommendation on a printing service to get that onto a mat?
@dabbk I haven't had it printed yet, but I have heard this place does a good job

I think for a 4x4 it is around $25 for printed on vinyl, they also do cloth.

I hear deepcut studio now will print custom neoprene game mats with any image, but they are much more expensive.

I am going to change a few things and then post the mat to the vault, so it will will be the full size file just haven't had time. I think I am going to do one without all the shadows, as a couple people have mentioned it was too dark .
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Ok uploaded a full sized version to the vault, took out the dark shadows and added some hazard stripes...for good measure
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It's already up, there is just no thumbnail just click here he download in the vault ....

Yeah, I saw that on deepcut studio this turned out much less expensive for me though
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