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28 Feb 2018


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  1. sump dweller
    No, it is two Gellerpox Infected spliced together at the waist, a Beastman left arm (holding a Cawdor autogun with a Kroot rifle stock attached) and the severed head from the Orruk Brutes kit. :)
  2. sump dweller
    The overalls are just Army Painter white primer washed with Vallejo 'Pale Grey' wash (and tidied up a bit with a straight white/black mix grey paint.) The skin is Vallejo 'Heavy Skintone' washed...
  3. cogetama
    It‘s from an older Version of the Doom board game. I have a few more, in case you‘d like one we could trade.
  4. Jacob Dryearth
    Is that a severely converted Poxwalker?
  5. Spenetrator
    Nice - Love the coveralls - What colour/washes did you use for them & the skin?
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