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    N18 GSC Familiar and Infiltrate

    See this is rather how i read it as well - it doesn't specifically say "he comes along for the ride" but i would say that his very nature implies it. Kind of one of those things that you've got to house rule i think.
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    Gay bellend

    Gay bellend
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    N18 GSC Familiar and Infiltrate

    Ambot's have infiltrate you say?? Shame my Rep is blatantly never going to get above 5 and the Rogue Doc is really where it's at for the first hanger-on!
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    N18 GSC Familiar and Infiltrate

    Pffft! Call the Care Police Tristan! I need all the help i can get!
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    N18 GSC Familiar and Infiltrate

    Hi everyone, Just a quick one. I am toying with taking some infiltrating Acolytes with me GSC list. These acolytes will be accompanied by psychic familiars. If i take infiltrate on the acolyte as a starting skill does this mean that the familiar is set up with him via infiltration as well?
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    N17 blog thread

    Also.... Added this as a PDF with all the current territories from Gang War 4 and enough Settlements for 8 players.
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    N17 Dominion Campaign Map Full - Dominion Campaign Map Full

    This is a Dominion campaign map for Necromunda Underhive. It contains territories for 8 players plus all the territories listed in Gang War 4. It is based on the Vogen Cityfight Map
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    Necromunda Dominion Campaign Map Full

    andrewedwardbrown submitted a new resource: Dominion Campaign Map Full - Dominion Campaign Map Read more about this resource...
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    N17 blog thread

    Guys just thought i would throw this up here in case anyone else finds it useful. It's the city map that was used in the Vogen Campaign for the 40K suppliment Cityfight. I've edited it to remove the building names so that your own can be added. I also have an AUTOCAD file with all the...
  10. Vogen Map edited without names

    Vogen Map edited without names

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    N17 blog thread

    Finished off the Rogue Doc! Although - as was pointed out by some "helpful" friends - he doesn't so much look like a Rogue Doc but more a Rogue Milkman. Just don't ask where he gets the milk. Rogue Doc front by andrewedwardbrown posted Nov 6, 2018 at 10:22 AM Rogue Doc back by...
  12. Rogue Doc front

    Rogue Doc front

  13. Rogue Doc back

    Rogue Doc back

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    N17 blog thread

    Cheers dude, i tried to keep it simple enough that it wouldn't kill me to paint it but with enough detail to make me not regret being lazy. GSC for next campaign's gang!
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    N17 blog thread

    Yeah man that is a fair point to be honest. Makes sense that the lenses would do different things - different wavelengths of light etc. On that note, added the painted Juve. Looking FABULOUS. I'm really not sure of some of the poses of the models but hey ho. Tobias Rosek Painted by...