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    N17 blog thread

    The nightmare is finally over.... Got to get some rubble into the ruined wall sections and a grate or greeble of some kind where the pipe sections are and then it's painting time! This wall system would never get through building regs....
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    N17 blog thread

    Whilst the ZM board is chugging along in the background I had a go at painting up Mad Dog Mono with contrast paints and I think he came out well.I am really, really liking their ease of use and the result's that you get from them.
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    N18 New enforcers theory hammer

    Yup, having read that you are totally right. I stand corrected. I assume scavenging is going to be "aquiring" equipment off gangs for the good of society or something along those lines.
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    N18 New enforcers theory hammer

    Are people of the same opinion as me that the Enforcers can visit both the trading post and the black market? They seem to be treated as any normal gang in that respect to me. Basically I'm after weapons not on the house list and this seems to be the only way to do it other than the enigmatic...
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    N17 blog thread

    Well Zone Mortalis continues! I had thought of doing what was mentioned above - using textured wallpaper to give the "floor" a texture but in the end i decided to be lazy and laser cut loads and loads and LOADS of 1mm MDF sections to use as deckplates. It's going to be a labour to get them all...
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