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    Ash Waste Nomad - Rules Update

    In the long run I am not really worried about the author credit. My articles were clearly tagged as such. I lost so much fun stuff years ago it is not funny, but now my son is old enough and asking questions, so it time to jump my Juve in...
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    Necromunda The Ash Wastes

    I really liked completing this one when I was working on it. Since I was never a paid employee or compensated one either, while I was given the green light I had to make sure that I didn't step on certain toes while re-working and updating this one. If someone wants to get me involved in the CE...
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    Ash Waste Nomad - Rules Update

    In the past I did three Ash Waste Articles. One for the Nomads, which is already here, but I also re-vamped the entire setting from mechanics, to vehicles, to a whole bunch of scenarios and gangs. Has anyone referenced those yet?
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    Necromunda Jaw's Enforcers

    When I developed these rules I was playing 20 games a week with them over a six week period. Lots of losses. Saw a lot of good Enforcers die, weak ones advance, and awesome heroes emerge, but all-in-all, the basic concept my group and I used was that they are the law. They are meant to be...
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    Necromunda Necromunda Community Edition Rulebook

    Nice Read. I like what has been done with this version since SG dropped it. -The Arbitrator General