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    N18 Outcast Gang Power Level

    My only concern is fun factor. I don't think it's fun to build something I like only to get wrecked every single game. I'd want at least some wins here and there, even if my gang loses overall (they are scum after all.)
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    N18 Outcast Gang Power Level

    So what I'm hearing is that it's better to use the Hive Scum as attachments to other gangs and/or just straight up use them in different games (e.g. 40k as IG Conscripts or Chaos Cultists)?
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    NCE Campaign idea brainstorm

    I always thought it would be fun for at least one scenario to be a gang fight interrupted by some underhive fauna that decided to chow on the gangers. Would require some way of balancing what the beasties focus on between the two gangs, and some way of all but ensuring the only munched gangers...
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    N18 Outlaws: Ok for a not-chaos cult?

    Greetings! Ever since the Outlaws models were announced for Necromunda, I've been wanting them. For what. I don't quite know yet. I'll be moving to an area of predominantly 40k and DnD players (out in the middle of nowhere). However, if there's Necromunda players in the area, an Outlaw gang...