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    N18 House of Blades (General discussion)

    Group Activation (Exotic Beasts): When a fighter with this special rule is activated, their controlling player must activate all Exotic Beasts belonging to this fighter as well as part of a ‘Group Activation’: - The controlling player selects and activates each fighter in this group activation...
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    N18 First time game 1k of Escher oh i forgot to post :)
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    N18 First time game 1k of Escher

    looks awfully close to my list I'm going to play for next campaign in a week
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    N18 Versatile weapons and reaction attacks

    CdG the person behind you is not problem at all, because you can change facing before any actions however you want as long as its this fighters activation. ( page 60 Rulebook red box )
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    N18 Versatile weapons and reaction attacks

    A coup de grace action requires you to be within one inch. However you do recieve the free consolitation move of 2" if your target goes seriously injured. @UncleFester all correct. Also when moving models you may move them up to their maximum characteristic, you could charge and not move a...
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    N18 Is Unstable too... Unstable?

    By changing the welder to unstable (2) you would reduce the probability of triggering unstable from ~42.1% to ~7.4%. A normal unstable weapon would trigger it about 16.6% of times. Choosing to roll only two dice with your proposed unstable (2) rule would result in only ~2.7% chance of triggering...
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    N18 web gun and xp

    You mean absolutely broken.:LOL: Automatic hit, no save and automatic SI on a wound roll, which isn't that unlikely to succeed with s4/5.
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    N18 Wounds and Pinning or Knocked over

    The rules forbid a fighter to be engaged (being in b2b contact) and pinned, they will immediately make a free stand up action.
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    N18 Corpse ginder composition?

    If one would just switch the definition of juve and ganger for Skinners and Initiates, so that a Skinner equals a juve, they wouldn't have had to state the rule about Initiates as it conforms easily with the given rules for normal composition. Thinking about that begs the question if their...
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    N18 Gang composition during campaign

    In step 4 you would only collect income. The juve actually happens in step 6c gaining boons after step 6b tradingpost and hireing new members. And deleting/retire happens at 6a. It even tells you to follow the order A-E.
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    N18 Gang composition during campaign

    I was looking at the settlement of a dominion campaign. "The gang may choose to roll two D6 after every battle. On a roll of 6 on either dice, the gang may recruit a single Juve from their House List for free. If both dice come up as 6, then the gang may recruit a Ganger from their House List...
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    N18 Gang composition during campaign

    The settlement actually says may recruit a juve or ganger rather than hire one. :unsure:
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    N18 Taking command while broken or injured

    One thought tho, you could houserule it so they have to take a leadership test for those actions under special circumstances , representing how well they are able to lead and blend their injuries and the like, making stuff look less grim for their comrades. Low cool gangs had decent leadership I...
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    N18 Taking command while broken or injured

    Escher already have it rough with their low cool. Once bottled it's very likely that more than half the gang runs without leader , even champions only having 7 cool means roughly 50% chance for them to flee. I think it would definitely be more punishing for the low cool gangs.
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    N18 Escher juves and the 20cred maximum

    A stimm slug stash costs 30 credits , so a no go for fresh juves. However the double fighting knife seems like a bad idea anyway with a base strength of 2 on a juve. And a one round consumable would make it just slightly better than a stiletto.