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    Necromunda The Sump: General hobby venting thread (Beware:grumpy grognards)

    Not too bothered by vehicles ... I only like them in micro-scale so unless this set is in 6mm it will be a tough sell. I will check out the new factions if they are on foot. I will pick up any new Orlocks. Ill probably skip the boxed set... unless it contains a ton of stuff that I like at a...
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    N18 New to N18 - Van Saar questions

    Yes. It real. It’s not the VS players fault GW thought giving players starting 2+ to hit AND access to shooting skills AND some 4+ armour saves in the same gang would be a good idea. So. VS players can try and build balanced lists… or go cheesy. The cheese teams are an auto win in many...
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    N18 Leader Killed in First Activation of Campaign

    Yeah! And your bet I took that win. That Gambling den was the only thing that kept my gang going through all the ass kickings it received.
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    N18 Leader Killed in First Activation of Campaign

    Such is life. But the story of your gang now about revenging their fallen leader and which likely lad/lass will rise up and take over the gang. Its not just about winning... its the stories you tell as you play. So now you will play up hill a few games. Or a lot of games. Maybe even every game...
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    N18 Orlock v Enforcers

    Orlocks will be slightly more effective at shooting, though the Enforcers will have better armour. Neither gang will be very strong at melee, though the Enforcers have slight advantages there. Both sides will rely on boltguns to do damage. But the enforcers at least will not worry about ammo...
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    N18 Rolling Multiple Injury Dice

    he takes 2 flesh wounds and goes down injured. He is most likely finished as if he recovers he will take a third flesh wound and, assuming he is T3 will be reduced to 0 and removed. Unless you have some skill that can recover flesh wounds.
  7. 14th Army

    14th Army

    My bolt action figures
  8. B2AB082F-E021-43DE-AA51-14E02E1A30E9.jpeg


    No. 1 section with HMG squad
  9. 01CFFF06-17B7-497D-9F2D-438A51784C3F.jpeg


    Daimler Recce vehicle.
  10. 89461EDC-65D8-4C78-BF0E-25104272676F.jpeg


    Ghurkas and AT gun.
  11. 78852E88-7FC8-4F6F-8C3D-97F369E2F7D5.jpeg


    No.2 section and AT boys team.
  12. 93A569D7-9A56-4D6F-8151-0F29D93A2CB0.jpeg


    The Grant tank.
  13. 57F81411-D88A-423F-B4DC-9DB74CB4ECEB.jpeg


    Royal Artillery observer and escort, RE flame thrower team and Platoon HQ
  14. E664552E-9872-43EC-9C97-885EB9AFCD4B.jpeg


    No.3 section and sniper team