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    N18 Thermic Vent S-109 - Vertical Board and Bulkhead Terrain

    Oh that is some mighty fine work, both in the construction and the painting.
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    Xmas mini exchange 2019 (yes, it's already that time!)

    Hi guys. Is it too late to put my name in the hat for this? I’ve been absent for far too long and need a project that involves painting something.
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    Necromunda MusingWarboss' Modelling and Painting log (Currently: Ratmen!! 🐀 )

    Sorry to hear about your loss. I lost someone last year so if you ever want to chat/vent hit me up. Your painting looks amazing. Such attention to detail. I love it when folk use a reduced color palette like you have. Not a skill I can replicate but I can enjoy your work nonetheless.
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    Scratch building terrain supplies

    Arrrgh! I hate it when you have to be on the book of Faces to access some peoples sites. (Shuffles away mumbling about governmental overwatch and privacy infringements.)
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    What's on your mind?

    That’s a very nice gift. The airbrush looks excellent and you’ve got a very good setup with the compressor and tank, plus some moisture traps. I particularly like where the switch is situated. (Mines at the bottom at the back.) Get cracking, have fun, and show us your results.
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    Scratch building terrain supplies

    “Plug in sleeve for flexible pipe, M20.” (M20 being the size of the pipe. I use M20 pipe in my props) “Sleeve for tight and secure connection of flexible pipe. Transparent” Also available here:
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    Successful Trades

    Not really a trade, but our very own @Flamekebab over at Fox Box Bits did me a solid when I needed 3 of the same @Kiblams engines as opposed to the 3 different ones in the pack . I strongly suspect he even cast them up specially for me. Very much appreciated.
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    Necromunda Persifal's Gangs

    I had to check that last one very, very closely to make sure it wasn’t photoshopped. It wasn’t and I am amazed. Such skill.
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    Yak Comp 28 - “Happy” Hour

    Whoa! Easy there Tonto. Have you read the tag line at the bottom of my posts???
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    Yak Comp 28 - “Happy” Hour

    Does this need to be a “watering hole” or can it be any establishment providing ... services?
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    Update YakTribe downtime May 13-15th 2019

    I need to find out what sort of Misdemeanour gets you 3 days solitary with no record. That’s the only way I’m gonna survive a 3 day banishment from the tribe. EDIT: oooh ... I think I just came up with the name of my “establishment” for the next Yak Comp. Misty Meaners Contract Cleaners And...
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    Yak Comp 28 - “Happy” Hour

    Happy St George’s Day yakkers. @Punktaku, I feel you Brother. I’m having a dry April, so I’m not allowed intoxicating beverages for another week. I’ve survived my birthday, a staff party, and a 4 day Bank Holiday without any alcohol, so feel I could reasonably model this comp and it’s...
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    Newcromunda; worth another look?

    Longevity is a problem whichever system you favour. My experience (over the last 20 years) has been that 50% - 60% of your players will drop out before the end of your campaign regardless of the system, so just find some buddies you enjoy playing with and make the best of it.
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    Feeding the Tribe (Gardening thread - Off Topic)

    Mother Nature is rather awesome.
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    Necromunda Stoof's Project Thread

    And rightly so! These look awesome @Stoof