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    Mankfester cathedral amongst other terrain

    Love the size of that monster, the cathedral and the ship.
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    Newcromunda; worth another look?

    Honestly for me it would depend on my group if they are seasoned on one rule set over the other that's the one I would use. unless they're hungery for something differnt then play the other one. New Rules regardless of there quality will bog down the games for a while, when people are getting up...
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    Inquismunda in 54mm?

    After touch ups slick 3 by Backfromthedead posted Apr 19, 2019 at 7:52 AM
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    Inquismunda in 54mm?

    Yes I plan on giving them ago
  5. slick 3

    slick 3

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    Inquismunda in 54mm?

    First Model came in, it's already painted but will need a little TLC and base work. Slick 2 by Backfromthedead posted Apr 18, 2019 at 8:23 PM
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    Slick 2

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    Inquismunda in 54mm?

    Yeah my plan is to make a few 54mm scale pieces, then a few pieces that aren't really in any scale in a generac way. Like large electrical generators, or silos or something
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    Inquismunda in 54mm?

    Well no turning back now I have a few minis on the way!
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    Inquismunda in 54mm?

    While trying to keep some of the Rpg feel. Now I understand that this is a huge project over all, with rules and Finding the miniatures. Building terrain in either a generac way or in the proper scale. It would mostly be a labor of love.
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    Inquismunda in 54mm?

    I have the rules for Inquisitor I have thought of just streamlining the rules and striping it down to make it more playable.
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    Inquismunda in 54mm?

    I have thought of that I just remember them being rule heavy and complex
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    Inquismunda in 54mm?

    I have always wanted to collect the 54mm models from inquisitor. Do you think I would be able to play inquismunda in 54mm. with just scaling up ranges of weapons and movement ect..