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    N18 Just about done...

    The issue with all of that is that Van Saar can start adding Oculars, energy shields, and cheap Plasma and Melta weapons from the beginning, with very little need for money, using only House of Artifice, while the lesser gangs are still struggling to raise enough cash to improve their armour and...
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    N18 Just about done...

    Mr. President?
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    N18 Just about done...

    For the next campaign, I came up with this: The Horned Rose. Please critique away. These are the things that frustrated me the most, I think: 1) Bouncing Off. You send in your best melee fighter to attack an enemy, or shoot with your best weapon... and they shrug it off. They return fire, and...
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    N18 Just about done...

    So, today I played my final game in our first Campaign. I came up against a Van Saar gang and we got a scenario called 'Something to Prove' (I did not choose it, it was chosen for me). Short version: I did not have fun. I lost of course, but it wasn't only that, it was the unpleasant feeling...
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    N18 Knockback?

    So, this came up: Fighter A is shooting at Fighter B with a weapon that has the Knockback rule, and needs a 4+ to hit. Fighter A rolls to hit and gets a 3, which misses. The Knockback rule, however, says that if the 'To Hit' roll equals or exceeds the target's Strength, the target is pushed...
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    N18 The Jamesters Knowledge

    Sheesh, okay! I'll go and stick my head in a bucket then, and never speak up again.
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    N18 The Jamesters Knowledge

    Of course it's your game and you can do what you like! Buuuut, if you want my opinion... I don't think it works. An Inquisitor outranks the Governor of the Planet. She (or he) can go to Lord Helmawr and make demands, and Lord Helmawr would have to comply. Inquisitors don't even answer to the...
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    N18 Hit and Run plus Lightning Reflexes Question

    Right, it's 16% isn't it? Sorry! I didn't check. On the other hand, if the Death Maiden hits something and it's still standing afterward then either you're rolling very badly or your opponent is rolling really well, so you might as well forget about probability and just assume it's going to go...
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    N18 Hit and Run plus Lightning Reflexes Question

    The Goliath Stimmer adds 1D3 to his attacks, but if he rolls a natural 1 his attacks drop to 1 instead. So that's an 18% chance of failure. So the argument is: If the Death Maiden fails her Initiative Test to retreat (which is also on a 1) that is also an 18% chance of failure. But if the...
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    N18 Hit and Run plus Lightning Reflexes Question

    It isn't clear, but I think that's the intention. Otherwise the skill would be utterly pointless! By the way, what if your Death Maiden charges in and kills her target. Are you still allowed to Hit and Run, even though there's no one to Retreat from? I've been assuming that you can :)
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    N18 House of Blades (General discussion)

    No, I do think that it's worth it. But you asked if it would save you money, and the answer is no, it doesn't. It saves lives, but it doesn't save money 🙂 I always have Night-Night on my Queen, my Death Maiden, Plasma Gun Matriarch, and Specialist. It has saved them from missing a battle or...