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    N18 Crew Size

    These scenarios: SECTOR MECHANICUS SCENARIO 4: BORDER DISPUTE Both players use the Random Selection (D3+3) method ARBITRATOR TOOLS ESCAPE THE PIT! Both players use the Random Selection (D3+4) to choose their crew. DOWNTOWN DUST-UP Players use the Random Selection (D3+4) to choose their crew...
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    N18 Crew Size

    When a scenario call for Random Selection (D3+7) for example, does each player roll separately or is it one roll for both, the rulebook isn’t clear. What do you do?
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    Bug Can not add fighter or hired gun in the underhive tools

    I'm getting the problem as well
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    N18 Salvo shotguns (rapid fire knockback) and insane ammounts of damage

    I disagree, Knockback references the 'to hit roll' (Knockback: If the hit roll for a weapon with the Knockback trait is equal to or higher than the target’s Strength, they are immediately moved 1" directly away from the attacking fighter.), and with Rapid Fire you only make on 'to hit roll'...
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    N18 Power Weapon Vs Sabotage Target

    In a Sabotage mission, when attacking the target in close combat your fighter hit automatically. Does this mean that the Power Trait is unable to take effect (if the hit roll for a Power weapon is a 6, no save roll can be made against the attack and its Damage is increased by 1). As written I...
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    N17 Campaign Territory Cards?

    Link works
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    N18 What do you buy after your first few games?

    Do you upgrade weapons and armour either from your hwl or the trading post or start saving for bigger items/guns or keep a nest egg to replace fighters?
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    N17 Campaign Territory Cards?

    Are you able to post up your territory cards?
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    N18 Settlement free Juve Vs gang composition

    If I have a gang comprised of 1 Leader, 2 Champions, 2 Juves and 5 Gangers. After my first game I get a free Juve from my settlement, but can't buy another ganger, what happens to the free Juve, do I get to keep it or am I unable to recruit it? As it says 'the gang may recruit' under the...
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    Question Need help adding friends

    Am i being dumb? I can't figure out how to add someone as a friend, I've 'followed' my IRL friends, but can't see an option to add them as a friend. The Campaign Manager Q&A says "You can look up their profile on the forums then select their Yak Tools tab which will list their Necromunda gangs...
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    Bug Grenade Launcher (Subjugator) displaying wrong

    In the gang creator, the Grenade Launcher (Subjugator) is showing up as wargear, not under the weapon profile. Is this just me?