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    Flamekebab's glacially-paced log

    That is an outstanding read! Thats awesome you put that together, the tank looks beautiful and the walkthrough is fantastic :cool:(y)
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    NCE Settlements Redux for NCE

    Maybe worth putting in the Vault?
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    Update Yak forum updates discussion

    Oh yeah, this is pretty slick.
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    Scratch building terrain supplies

    June. Or some other mod. I've had some unfortunate and draining life stuff going on.
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    NCE Clockworks Ashwastes Nomads

    Maybe some orange desert camo print? I've never successfully pulled off camo paint on miniatures, but I lack the skill and practice that you have @ClockworkOrange, so maybe the endeavour would let you carry the orange theme and present a new challenge on the brushes? Personally I wanted to find...
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    Necromunda MusingWarboss' Modelling and Painting log (Currently: Goliath Juve ConversionBash)

    The head on the Cawdor is very cool. I can't get over the pic of the construction apron with a chest mounted drill; I have no idea what job that would be for or why you would want your drill/impact driver holstered on your chest, but kinda want to know more of where you found those tool harnesses.
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    What's on your mind?

    That is absolutely winning. I don't think there is shame in getting help on any project, and every point you had on how life gets busy and its hard to manage large projects is legit. That you reduced the amount of work to be done at hired cost certainly plays into the project, and the...
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    Necromunda Necromunda Computer game announced

    I am going to have to pull my hat out of this one. There has been no response from Yves at Rogue Factor on a good handful of attempts to establish some form of ongoing discourse and I can't really venture to think there is any sort of desired interaction. Too many conflicting interests with the...
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    What's on your mind?

    Lol fair. I do like the post. Just trying to keep this thread all for Yak introductions.
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    What's on your mind?

    Yes, I will post films here but then am going to encourage any further discussion to be sent in a PM or there is a thread sputtering along in the Honoured Teibesmen section for those with subscription access. On the Beach The Road Warrior The Rover These Final Hours The Cars That Ate Paris...
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    What's on your mind?

    I will transfer the last two posts to Whats on Your Mind when I am not on lunch at work, they don't really fit here in this thread as much...
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    Scratch building terrain supplies

    I will try and have a look and get a 3D Print thread annexed from the other tutorial threads this week if I can (y)
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    [KICKSTARTER] Thunder Chrome 3 live now!

    Nice stuff Matias!! That looks awesome - really like the look of the eggshell-pulpitted roof tops :cool:(y)(y)(y)
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    That city image for your map!!! That thing is gold. You may have to do a tutorial on that at some point, that looks outstanding.