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    N18 House of Artifice (General discussion)

    Please let the Archaeotek be better written than the arms master or death maidens!
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    N18 Making a Necromunda heroquest game.

    Not sure if this is the correct part of forum? I am putting together a Necromunda/ Heroquest game for playing against my teen as she doesn't like the plain gang format. I was wondering has anyone else ever put something like this together or if anyone has seen a Sci fi rpg game that has the...
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    N18 Created my first GSC gang. Can you please let me know if ok?

    You can, but you may find just giving him 3 autopistols to be enough as that's 3 rapid-fire dice of shots for 30 creds, which would save you 70 odd creds, which I would probably invest in another grenade launcher having made one of your neophyte a specialist. Also you could convert a long...
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    Necromunda Necromunda Computer game announced

    I find a saw blade thrower and the hydraulic slam skill go well as you can cause bleed with the blades and then finish with the slam. Barricading off escape routes can be fun as the ai rarely blows them up. The half loot capability is kind of set off by you will always be able to attack with...
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    Necromunda Necromunda Computer game announced

    Will be getting gold again end of month if anyone on here is up for some matches at some point.
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    Necromunda Necromunda Computer game announced

    Has anyone managed to play an online game vs another person through the random player setting yet?
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    N18 Van Saar - 1000 credits (campaign start)

    A champ with servo claw and plasmapstol is quite fun as the pistol is very tasty when given experimental rig and the pneumatic servo tactic is also fun for dishing out a s7 thwack.
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    N18 Trading post hidden gems

    Buy everyone a grapnel and spend the first few turns swinging everyone around while making Tarzan noises :)
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    N18 Keepers Of The Orphan Forge (Goliath, House of Chains)

    I don't know if you have ever seen "Return of the Jugger"? Has an outcast vet lead a band of bloodbowlesque players into the premiere league of underground hives of the nuclear future. Its from the early eighties but an absolute classic I'd think would be right up this gangs street!
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    N18 Battle for the Drained Sump-seas of Marimoor (Campaign)

    Really like what you are doing here! Keep up the good work.
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    N18 Challenge Management

    Which rules set is it you refer too?
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    N18 Challenge Management

    Make people declare the challenge and play ASAP or if over a long time give people a 24hr slot to declare the challenges and post them on first come first serve basis at end of the 24hrs.
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    N18 Challenge Management

    I put a limit of two challenges made per cycle, where all the usual after game wrap up is done, then any further challenges made only give xp and injuries, no money earnt apart from in game loot eg scavengers. Means people can play more games but they are risky and can't sky rocket earnings. We...
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    Making the Block Mk II

    Please say it can be saved!?!?!?!
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    Making the Block Mk II

    Aye will have to step into the world of technology to do that......