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    N17 Orlocks, Gang War 2

    @cardyfreak - Waylands courier delivers on Saturdays apparently! Just got mine :D
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    N17 New official Necromunda in 2017 !

    Did anyone in the UK order with Wayland? I spoke to the live chat yesterday first thing and they said it'd be sent on the day of release, but I then had an email early afternoon yesterday saying it had been shipped. Waiting in patiently… just in case… ;)
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    N17 New official Necromunda in 2017 !

    Anyone else keep hammering the legacy gangs button every few minutes – just in case? ;) Edit: ninja'd!
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    N17 New official Necromunda in 2017 !

    Woah, handbags gentlemen! Obviously the term 'accept' wasn't some sort of call to arms. I was merely trying to state that it seems baffling to release a mere two of umpteen gangs and then be given (well… sold separately…) the rules for running campaigns with just the rules for two factions. Are...
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    N17 New official Necromunda in 2017 !

    I'm surprised by the mass acceptance of the release schedule - at least with the original game, all the rules were available for the 6 house gangs from the start. Is it just me that thinks having a campaign where everyone plays as either Escher or Goliath will be incredibly dull? It seems...
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    N17 New official Necromunda in 2017 !

    I for one am glad we have established how bendy all the components are.
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    N17 New official Necromunda in 2017 !

    I don't think you can move like that stoof - from the video at least. You can move 4 as one action (or 5 if you are Escher) and then move 4 again as the second action. I also thought that sounded a bit shady Anthony, but I guess it represents one action for the charge and the second action for...
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    N17 New official Necromunda in 2017 !

    Don't know if it's already been mentioned by others but I'm loving the cheeky tribute artwork of the old Kinky Chaosette/Amazonia Gothique by Blanche for this issues White Dwarf. I bizarrely picked one up from ebay just a week or two after years of searching for one at a reasonable price – with...
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    Shadow War: Armageddon General Discussion

    Exciting times! I've no real interest in this particular set, but if what your source said is correct and your theory turns out to be true @Anthony, I better start saving! I've just seen the price is being touted at $130 on BOLS btw.
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    The "Bargains on Ebay" thread

    £60-£80 for mad donna?! Mines going in the dettol then! In all seriousness though, I think a lot of people selling munda stuff for buy it now prices on eBay are chancers - in a rare occasion someone might buy it for a ridiculous price if there happen to be no others on eBay at that time, but...
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    Competition YakTribe Competition 13 - "It Came From The..."

    Good choice clockers, need to get back on my necromunda horse. I'm in. I think...
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    Necromunda The ClockworkOrange Troll Lol Lol Lol Song

    Looks awesome so far... You mentioned about that paint scraping off the mega blocks easily - I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that it doesn't when you stack them together - might need a cheeky spray of purity seal on the ends ;)
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    Necromunda Magnetised Goliath Gang.

    Looking great so far! I was just going to suggest that the chest symbol on the first could quite easily be made into an angular skull with minimal GS work!
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    Competition 'Tis the Season for YakTribe Competition 11!

    I know the feeling! I'll probably not get around to entering anyway or start something and have it laying around for a year (like the poor brats...) - I just love seeing the stuff everyone else works on ;)
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    Competition 'Tis the Season for YakTribe Competition 11!

    *Errgh her her herm* I really must get this cough seen to ;P