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    New Necromunda Campaign by MgM

    It’s so easy to miss things when the game starts dragging on! Hell, it’s easy to forget things playing a short game, there’s so much cognitive load with the weight of rules 😂
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    Necromunda Deleted fighter lost credits?

    You can sell the fighters equipment first too, but I think it’s easier to add the fighters total value back to the stash and then delete the whole thing in one go.
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    Necromunda Deleted fighter lost credits?

    If you delete the fighter you’ll lose the credits. You can add them back into your stash though.
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    New models incoming

    I like the Khymerix, it’s an abomination and I can imagine it tearing around the lower areas of the Underhive eating people! Would make a cool campaign boss or something too.
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    The General Bargains on the internet thread (/Ebay)

    I just snagged an unopened copy of Forbidden Stars for not much more than retail price, which I consider a win!
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    N18 Fixing Stray Shots

    Stay shots had a fairly important role to play in Oldcromunda in that they created an element of risk when using meat shields to protect fighters. Meat shielding is diminished in new Necro to a certain extent as anyone can test to shoot a fighter that isn’t the closest target (which is a...
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    Update Underhive Tools Development

    Yeah I’ve had a look, cost isn’t being deducted from gang stash when purchased.
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    Update Underhive Tools Development

    To add brutes/pets/etc you first purchase them as a piece of wargear, then add the fighter from the main menu to generate a fighter card. The cost of this is zero as the price was paid when you buy the thing as wargear.
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    What's on your mind?

    I wish I could be arsed to buy an Amiga. Greatest game platform ever created.
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    Update Underhive Tools Development

    I’ll have a look at the scum weapon costs over the next day or so and see what needs changing. When it comes to fighter types etc, if there isn’t a specific way of doing it through button presses on the gang screen, the custom tools are powerful enough to cover pretty much everything as...
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    Bug Delaque pet error

    This is an issue with the tools, usually the only price to pay is when you purchase the exotic beast as equipment for the fighter, you then add the pet from the pets/hired guns tab to generate a fighter card. Exotic pets are usually listed as 0 cost but in this case the pet has a price and is...
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    Question Corpse Grinder Cult Special Rules?

    Ah okay, I didn’t know they’d been put in for other gangs. @Malo is the man with the plan, I’m sure he’ll add it to the list of things to do.
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    Question Corpse Grinder Cult Special Rules?

    The tools don’t have any rules prompts or explanations of skills or traits. They used to have tool tips but the site was asked to take them down by ‘interested parties’, so you’ll always need a copy of the appropriate book to get the full rules for a gang. There aren’t any plans to put this sort...
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    N18 Forgeworld characters.

    I really should just shut up 😂 (and learn to read)
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    N18 Forgeworld characters.

    Baertrum Arturos (or whatever he’s called) is a cool model to paint and he looks really good. He’s got a needle pistol so could help bring people in alive for bounties.