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    (Finished!) YCE Rulebook draft (Proofread,Discussion)

    I can attest to how thorough this process has been. @JawRippa and I are in consistent (mostly text) communications on Discord to workshop ideas before they are brought to Yak. It's been a very good time and very good stuff have come out of Jaw's efforts. I can certainly do that! All of my...
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    Radical YCE: melee

    I am looking forward to playtesting this as is. Some potential ideas to consider for variations of defender penalties could be that you reduce the number of dice rather than -1 the WS. Two 3+ dice is better than one 2+ die against a single attack, in the two-attack WS 2+ example of a fighter...
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    Radical YCE: melee

    Whereas alternating attacks feels more dramatic, it takes a long time - also makes D2/Toxin desirable to skip the alternating attacks altogether, which seems contradictory to what you're attempting. Overall this Attack/Defence die system seems vastly superior to alternating attacks. It is a...
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    Radical YCE: melee

    I would be very careful with introducing Action Point Debt into a game that isn't designed around Action Points (within its vernacular). I think it could work, in theory, but I want to be careful of only adding things which are actually absolutely necessary. Change for the sake of slightly...
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    [Tabletop Simulator-Discord] Campaign Sign-Ups!

    Yeah, we have folks playing Tabletop Simulator campaigns right now - last I saw the Arbitrator was looking for one more. If all else fails, folks may rise to the occasion to participate in another campaign!
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    steam girl (study 13) by LiannanShe female steampunk gas ... on Pinterest
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    Radical YCE: suggestions

    These are pretty fair points. As it stands now, charging in Newcromunda is going all-in and hoping your dice don't betray you so you can pop the enemy fighter. If your dice fail, your sometimes weighted coin-flip has failed. Alternating attacks present a series of smaller coin flips. The...
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    Radical YCE: suggestions

    I'd say this could potentially be worth a new thread, with how much it has evolved! Consolidation For intuitive design, I'd suggest that consolidation is based off of the consolidating model's position rather than the model they removed from the table. Prone models or No model (in the event...
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    NCE Necromunda Community Edition

    Is there a current changelog? The one posted in the OP only has up to 2019, unless I clicked the wrong link. [edit:Are the 2020 amendments the 2021 changes?]
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    Writing Crew Central

    What's up, Gang? (Pun intended) I'm reporting in from the Development Discussion Thread to offer my services. I've noticed that there is some concern about organization of ideas and thoughts for ease of workflow. I highly recommend Trello. It is an invaluable free tool for workflow and being...
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    Development discussion

    Right, well, that is good to hear. Some things like skills and the campaign system don't work too well, among other things, so I'll wait for if/when those discussions are drummed up - I don't wanna get too gung ho! In the meantime, I'll pop into the writing crew!
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    Playtester Central

    Yeah, I've got it hidden away in my signature, here it is! Our current campaign has been going on for about a week and a half and has some house rules to get rid or tone down some over the top tactics cards and territories, clarify or establish rulings, and some other...
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    Development discussion

    Sure thing! I have experience in writing and editing so I can proofread for comprehensibility and clarity. Diction and grammatical decisions lay the foundation for a lot of player-understanding. I have some unprofessional experience in design as I was a core designer on the Battle Companies...
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    Playtester Central

    For playtesting purposes, on the topic of Tabletop Simulator, we have a couple resources available to us for communication and coordination and that is the Yaktribe Discord as well as my own server dedicated to playing Necromunda on Tabletop Simulator. We have a bunch of players who frequently...