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    N18 Escher Special Weapons

    Ooh put a chem thrower on that last ganger, it can be great when combined with a chem synth and has that weird effect of either deterring people from areas of board or getting underestimated and then knocking either a bunch of enemy Fighters down or doing nothing.... I have found it hilarious...
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    Hivewide Campaign Discussion Thread

    Battle reports would be the main way for people to communicate how a gangs are progressing with taking territory or surviving their own little apocalypse (depending on campaign flavour), but would not be limited to that some may want to write up short stories that describe the battle from the...
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    N18 Solution to scenarios that end in firefight

    Has anyone put together a list of scenarios that do (in their experience so contents and colours may vary) work as objective based games with some combat as opposed to combat based games with some objectives?
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    Hivewide Campaign Discussion Thread

    Throw questions at me and I'll answer what I can if you want :)
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    Hivewide Campaign Discussion Thread

    If people are wanting a narrative mass campaign I've got a proposition A master thread which contains links to other threads in a first post locked to an admin. The other threads are individual groups games in the area of the underhive that they have decided is their narrative (primus dome...
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    HIVEWIDE: narrative discussion (we want you!)

    Quick q though which edition.? Or would you be looking to do a global thing for all?
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    HIVEWIDE: narrative discussion (we want you!)

    A global campaign with a thread of goings on would be awesome, gangs could grow and evolve throughout the year and would make for an awesome interconnected story
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    Mighty Underhive Empires (community game)

    Ahoy captain I'm in Don't see why not sounds interesting
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    Tribemeet UK 2020 (2021) - Event Details

    I would love to see the house of chains make the cut but that's probably just the new shiny enrapturing me lol
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    N18 Servo harness with xeno weaponry?

    I agree, being given the ability to use heavy weapons as though equipped with a suspensor is different to equipping them with one
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    N18 Hired Guns / Allies: Gang Composition and Point Costs

    I think it's certainly a good idea to have them costed up extra so they do have a meaningful interaction with a gang rating, (else you end up with a ton of free dudes And also possibly the underdog?!) costing them up based on equipment and such is definitely good The costs themselves look...
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    New models incoming

    I like the idea of new ground being broken and injecting something new into the game, I think it gives people something original to look forward to rather than 'ooh ratskins I kind of know how that works so I might get the minis or I might just watch it go by and wait for something else'...
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    Necromunda Stoof's Project Thread

    I honestly can't remember, the best bit I remember is your horde of Goliaths trying to overwhelm a malc only for her to hold off 5 of them before they kicked her down Was a great set of games all round :D
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    N18 Venator gang advice Dominion

    Heh they look scary, that T5 dude wont go down easy but I'll give it a go :P I'm loving the idea that the squat is from a stig shambler who joined up due to the loss of his ride, very narrative :)
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    Update Underhive Tools Development

    I've come across an interesting conflict, I've started a splinter gang and taken an old juve as a champ, changing his label correctly changed his type but I'm now prompted to give him a 'free starting primary skill' is that correct?