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    Slaver Mob

    Liking the suggestions so far, thanks to all. More or less what Im aiming for is a bit of a narrative campaign where a local Slaver (me) is causing a few issues on the outskirts of mektown so the two other mobs (my newbie friends) have to destroy the Slavers mob. Basically itd be a campaign...
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    Slaver Mob

    Good point. Didn't think of that aspect.
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    Slaver Mob

    Didn't think about Yoofs upgrading to Boyz. Maybe once they are Boyz I could sell them off to buy upgrades for the truk or Grots weapons?
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    Slaver Mob

    I know there's the Rebel Grots but recently I've had an idea of using a Slaver as a Nob, Spannerz as Spannerz, Yoofs as drivers (what self respecting ork would want to be part of a grot mob) and having a Grots as the core of the mob. Anyone done this before? Any special rules/house rules you...
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    A question on base size

    my 2 teef input: Gorkamorka isn't a competitive game (at least to me it isn't), so base sizing isn't as critical as say tournament 40k or AoS. As long as the model can balance use whatever suits you.
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    Arachni-rig MKII

    whats your trick for painting yellow? looks great.
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    Trollholme - Canal Board - Finished!

    freakin wow. absolutely awesome!
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    Mordheim Alternative Mordheim Miniatures (lots of pics)

    those dwarves are freakin amazing. I have a bunch of unpainted Scibor Dwarves I need to finish but definitely need to add these to the collection
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    Good source for plasticard/styrene sheets in Australia?

    Looking for a place to buy plasticard/styrene for a good price, anyone in Australia now of retailers (online or hobby store) that are worth checking out?
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    Airborne stuff and countering it

    I would gladly play against a GRC mob with those flyers, the potential chaos they could cause would be highly entertaining.
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    Mordheim Re-make

    I've been a fan of alternative action gameplay since I was introduced to Corvus Belli Infinity. I liked your idea of using individual henchmen/person/beings as heroes, would make for a fun campaign.
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    Mordheim Re-make

    Does Mordheim need remaking? Adding new warbands/scenarios can be done by anyone with an ounce of creativity. My preference would be to adapt any new AoS factions/races/units/whatever the future holds to Mordheim rules. Can you adjust rules in Mordheim to make the game suit your speed of play...
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    Mordheim my MORDHEIM projects and competitions

    Looking great so far. Im in the planning phase of a Mordheim able and I'll definitely be borrowing this idea.
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    Tutorial Section?

    Oh dear.........
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    Tutorial Section?

    Apologies if it already exists, what about a tutorial section for 'how to' on painting and making terrain?