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    Necromunda Chanel Updates Thread

    Greetings hive scum! The final game has now been filmed and it was definitely carnage! I've added a sneak peak picture here for you to have a look over while you wait! There were casualties, fires, barrells and a whole chompy tree was there too!
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    N18 Ash Wastes Questions

    That was my thinking too. It makes charging through stuff a decent plan, especially if there's a group activation going on alongside!
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    N18 Ash Wastes Questions

    Greetings Hive Scum! I figured it's maybe an idea to have a central thread for all manner of Ash Wastes questions (since, to me at least, it's pretty badly written and needs two books to make sense...) Anyways, slap some questions in, refer to rules from the book/s and help folk figure out the...
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    N18 Vehicle heavy gangs in the Ash Wastes

    Goliath Warboys (very rough) idea. 3 x prospect , bike, furnace plate, incendiary charges (130 each for 390 total) 2x juve, bike, furnace plate, axe (100 each for 200 total) 1 x stimmer, furnace armour, auto grenade launchers of doom (225) ( this guy rides about on the back of a war truk...
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    Ash Waste Orlock gang and Quad Gunners

    Shall see what the book brings my guy 😊 Either way it's good to see necromunda get support
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    Ash Waste Orlock gang and Quad Gunners

    I'm more thinking along the lines of a champion that comes specifically with a mount or vehicle like an extra champ option from the House Of books, like the Goliath dude on the bike...thing...can't see that just being a ganger or similar but I'd reckon it'll be more in line with a Champion type...
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    Ash Waste Orlock gang and Quad Gunners

    I reckon that will come in the new book they're releasing tbh would make narrative sense from what I'm assuming it will be like based on the succession campaign name and the name of the book. BUT I'd defo be into giving an orlok champ or leader the wasteland dirtbike for 50 credits! Ti's...
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    Comment by 'drdrybrush' in media 'VanSaar1.jpg'

    I now require a pteraxi/vansaar kitbash....
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    Necromunda Chanel Updates Thread

    Next video will be giving you lovely hive scum an idea of what to expect in the final game!
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    Comment by 'drdrybrush' in media 'SM'

    Genuinely curious how much this cost
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    Necromunda Corpse Grinder Cult Gang Completed - Brothers of Brass

    Love the armour colour and those skull heads are awesome!
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    Necromunda Chanel Updates Thread

    Greetings all! STUFF AND THINGS HAPPENING THIS WEEK! 1) last community project upload from the one and only Commander Cheapskate! 2) results of community project and what it means for the final game in the Dark Uprising of Hive Galatus (it will be a tad bonkers 😂) 3) FILMING THE FINALE! 4)...
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    Necromunda Chanel Updates Thread

    May have gotten a tad upset today after work and no coffee...