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    Yakmeet2020 UK Kickstarter goes live 5th August 2019

    Would love to mate but you’ll have to permit unpainted models :D
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    Necromunda The Sump: An N17 venting thread

    This is really un-GW. Last time something similar happened to me they refunded and sent a free £25 box set, as well as 6 months free WD subscription. Might just have been that customer service guys last day though...
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    N18 Do Guilder allies add to Gang Rating?

    I’m almost certain I also saw it clarified by Justin whatever his name is on Facebook that this was the case.
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    N18 Do Guilder allies add to Gang Rating?

    Yeah, our latest campaign just allows it from 100 up, in the same way as tactics cards in the books. Seems ok so far
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    N18 Do Guilder allies add to Gang Rating?

    I did a very rough back of the envelope estimate and came up with a crew rating of 350 for our house rules. If anything this is slightly low, especially as they all cram into the space of a single crew member slot, but I didn’t want to discourage players using the new rules.
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    N18 Escher Las guns

    If you want something really nasty stack the las projector and telescopic sight - +3 to hit at long range when aiming your lasgun. For a plasmagun it’s +4 o_O
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    N18 Generic Delaque advice? (theory crafting)

    I went with: Leader: Web Gauntlet and flechette (very effective) Champ: FW plasma gun (effective) Champ: FW gravgun (effective) Autogun (effective) Lasgun (effective) FW webpistol (ineffective... so far) Long rifle (ineffective) 2 stubguns I *highly* recommend getting the FW extra weapons (set...
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    N18 Question about Ending the Battle

    This is my gripe with the scenarios. They have victory conditions but it’s just a facade really - every one boils down to wipe out or force the bottle.
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    LAGGNOG’s back baby!!! Battle Reps/Fluff (Page 8)

    Dust ‘Till Dawn: Church of Starry Wisdom Rylarhotep eyed his captive curiously. He had surfaced in Dust Falls as the Puppet Master, and so far the strings had been tugging quite nicely. Dust Falls – The Gateway to the Underhive. The place to be, so it seemed. That riches flowed through this...
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    LAGGNOG’s back baby!!! Battle Reps/Fluff (Page 8)

    LAGGNOG Summer Campaign 2019 presents... Dust 'Till Dawn Post your updates, battle reports, and gang fluff here. Campaign rules will be posted in this placeholder (eventually!). *** Would you like to know more? *** Dust Falls...
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    N18 Border dispute - Victory condition

    You’re right - if you have no fighters left on the table when the battle ends then your opponent’s leader automatically defiles your relic. So both relics are defiled = draw.
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    N18 Scenarios in gang war but not new rule books

    Always thought it weird that Monster Hunt went on the cutting room floor while Last Stand made it in.
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    N18 Generic Delaque advice? (theory crafting)

    I built mine last week and as far as I can tell the one piece FW heads+neck are somehow universal fits with the bodies. So you’ll probably not need any filing at all. The key is to ignore the instructions and fit the FW heads after the rest of the body is built. I did a whole gang this way and...
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    N18 Generic Delaque advice? (theory crafting)

    Just starting my delaque, so somewhat late to the party, so apologies for the reply-o-mancy. Would a potential build for gunshrouds be a honey trap ganger or 2 with photo goggles and no gunshroud themselves? Then build the remaining gangers without photo goggles but with gunshrouds. The honey...
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    N18 Weapon balance / relative 'deadliness' spreadsheet

    I did an analysis on weapons and skills for NCE which might be worth a look. Could give you a feel for the assumptions you can make to attack the problem: Really though, if you’re going the quantitative route I think it...