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    Bug Website appears bugged

    Ok looks like that is the problem. How do I rectify this error???
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    Website is Bugged?
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    Bug Website appears bugged's sdoing the same thing, Multiple browsers all look like the above.
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    Bug Website appears bugged

    Looks like it is up and running fine again.
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    Bug Website appears bugged

    Went to go into the Underhive tools today, not sure, but it appears that there is some issue with the website. All the text is out of alignment, pictures are gone, etc. I have tried this in multiple browsers (AVG, MS Edge, and Firefox), and all look the same. Screenshots attached.
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    yakbug 1.JPG

    website problem
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    website problem
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    N18 A Brief Guide to Starting a Campaign

    Honestly, it's a lot like Dungeons and Dragons in that respect. To get started playing D&D, you only really *neeeeeed* 3 books- a Monster Manual, a DM's Guide, andeach player should have a Player's Handbook. ....buuttt....then you want the extras- DMG/MM/PHB volumes 2/3/etc. as well as...
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    N18 Sidearms and Reach Weapons

    Well, the counter argument is that a knife is range “E” and the sidearm is range 12”. But I think the conservative reading of Sidearm only counts in B2B is better for game balance.
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    N18 Sidearms and Reach Weapons

    How do Sidearms interact w/ Versatile weapons? Obviously if I don't have a versatile weapon, then I don't count as Engaged, but what happens if, for instance, I charge an opponent w/ an Escher equipped with a Shock Whip and Stub Gun? Do I get the bonus attack with the stub gun since its normal...
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    N18 What to do when entire gang is in recovery?

    Thanks Baffo! I chatted w/ my group, and almost everyone really liked the idea! Should make games a lot more enjoyable for people that get behind :D
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    N18 What to do when entire gang is in recovery?

    We have Guilder/Recividist allinces- does that block House Patronage?
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    N18 What to do when entire gang is in recovery?

    Hey all! So, our group is running into an issue that I'm sure many of you have run into- we currently have 2 gangs that have turned into runaway trains on the power scale, while the rest have little chance of beating them. The issue after getting a few important rackets, they quickly built up...