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    Necromunda The Sump: An N17/N18++ venting thread (Beware:grumpy grognards)

    so is this thread returning to grumpy old peeps in dingy corners with their lukewarm beverage of choice who mutter under their breath when some one becomes up beat? i'm down with that. let me get some chalk in my bushy beard and misc white stuff at the edge of my mouth ill be back soon.
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    Bug Blunderbus polearm

    Sorry about the late reply. Cheers for checking, it may be I intermitnt issue or gremil
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    Bug Blunderbus polearm

    Me again :-) just letting you know when you select the blunderbuss polearm it dosnt give you the stats of the polearm like the autogun polearm does cheers the friendly neighbourhood ghost
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    Necromunda Pre-Delaque/GW5/Compendium Release Ramblings

    you mean there isn't o_Oo_O so next turfwar I could be facing a goliath gang with loads of heavy stubbers and bulging biceps. not sure my GSC will cope with that :cry:. don't you get a boon for winning the last one? thought you did. our campaign has just got of the ground so I've only skim read...
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    Necromunda Pre-Delaque/GW5/Compendium Release Ramblings

    the other advantage is you get more champions then a new gang but if you lose a bought champion can you buy another :unsure:. I'm guessing the heavy weapon limit doesn't increase though so you cant end up with 4 champs wielding heavy stubbers that would be scary
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    Necromunda Pre-Delaque/GW5/Compendium Release Ramblings

    sorry they do become champions. their advancements don't increase in price though
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    Necromunda Pre-Delaque/GW5/Compendium Release Ramblings

    Juves are viable. if they survive the turf war they become specialists and follow the same system as champions and leaders im not sure if their rating increases or not though when they are promoted
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    Comment by 'Ghostfall' in media 'Ratskin'

    please tell me this is true
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    Bug Can only stash one weapon at once

    cheers malo. ps long time ne speak lol
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    Necromunda Anyone else wish that GW would resurrect Necromunda?

    *bump* just for us to look at what we were thinking before the NE17 announcements lol
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    Bug Can only stash one weapon at once

    Hey. I had to clear 2 gangers of their kit but I couldn't stash everything in one go. I had to: stash one weapon -> go back to ganger -> edit ganger -> stash next item repeat. cheers your friendly ghost ;-)
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    Goliath too powerful?

    Goliath armed with blasting charges were my downfall. their hi strength negates the limited range and when you get hit by 3 in one phase (leader activating gangers) its game over and that was our first game of the campaign. might be a good idea to limit them some how like is planned with the GSC...
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