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    Update Underhive Tools Development

    @Malo you are a true hero.
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    Bug Unable to edit my underhive gangs

    Yeah, it's obviously a problem with the site.
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    Bug GSC bugs

    Thanks. Didn't know about Functions, problem mostly solved.
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    Bug GSC bugs

    Underhive tools: GSC neophyte with the Specialist promotion becomes an Aberrant specialist. No stat change, but can't add weapons etc. The annoying GSC house list tax on heavy stubbers (145c over 130c) is also present in the trading post. That's fine when things are discounted, but annoying here.
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    N18 Book of Peril troubles

    Soooo since zombies are very hard to kill and the only injury you get from being a zombie is going into recovery... would getting intentionally infected be a way to keep vulnerable fighters safe for the long run? It's pretty obvious that they are supposed to be zombies and eat everyone. The...
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    N18 Book of Peril troubles

    Yeah, except these turn up in rules that should not require a third player. Played one of the new scenarios last night (Escape the Badzones) and suddenly we were up to our necks in zombies with no one to run them. Given that half the time it's beneficial to not use your initiative (because it's...
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    N18 Book of Peril troubles

    So I have read through Book of Peril. I like it a lot, there are many good ideas, but there's still no one proofreading anything at SG HQ. 1) Venators. Choosing your own skills and statline, easy access to BS3+ and BS2+... aren't these just a little too good, and aren't some of the statlines...
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    New models incoming

    Thanks for the link -I've not bothered with these podcasts, but despite the unpolished oratory this is great stuff.
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    N18 Leadership: Inspirational

    I don't think you can become broken if you're seriously injured?
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    N18 Fixing the Sentry Rules

    2) I sent this question to the necroFAQ a while back and the reply was that the sentries become ready immediately. Q: For Sentries, the rules are clear enough until the alarm goes off... but what happens when it does? The defenders have might have one or a couple fighters with Ready markers, or...
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    N18 Genestealer Cult Starter Gang

    Power hammer gives great punch. I've run mine with that and a chainsword, and he does great when he gets into melee (usually because of Overseer shenanigans). But advancing like a ganger is harsh. Getting the extra charge range from Versatile looks very appealing. I've got some work out of the...
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    N18 Genestealer Cult Starter Gang

    Thoughts: Familiars are awesome, especially on the Adept. The web gun is hilarious on infiltrating Acolytes, especially with a familiar for the Coup-de-grace. The Adept doesn't do much useful on his own because his combat stats are meh, but that makes him a good platform for Overseer (which...
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    N18 N18 Tactics Cards Free download

    Print them, stick them to the front of the second half of the tactics cards from the box, then put them in sleeves. Might work.