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    Necromunda Shallow N17 reviews

    I haven't played either Necromunda and am still debating picking up a copy of N17. I have had a fairly good look around (hence finding you guys!) for reviews etc. like you, I find it weird that few of the top search results give much in the way of negative reviews. But I did find this review by...
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    Necromunda forum RPG - Questions, commentary, general meta

    @KopMcGinty I think that's the idea, @HorribleHedgehog is the Arbitrator here though so he can confirm. Formatting wise it makes sense and might even be worth putting descriptions and stats in the opening post under spoiler captions, that way they're all in one place if people join late etc...
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    The Expedition - Necromunda forum RPG [New players welcome!]

    I wrote a bit of prologue for my character to set the seen a little bit, he's probably going to wait until more people show up before making an entry.
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    Necromunda forum RPG - Questions, commentary, general meta

    Sounds good, I will be introducing sev shortly. Apologies in advance for any bizarre formatting... @spafe, yup binge read the entire series a few months ago, the character sorta evolved from Oliver twist style orphan into a far more... Abrasive individual, the name seemed to fit.
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    Necromunda forum RPG - Questions, commentary, general meta

    Or edit them on mobile either apparently... Oh well I'll fix it when I get access to a computer. Anyway, here's Sevro. Most people you ask about the street urchin named Sevro remember him along the lines of "the grubby little shit who stole my good respirator!" or possibly "the kid they once...
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    Necromunda forum RPG - Questions, commentary, general meta

    I have a character now, but I'm on mobile and have no idea how to add spoiler tags
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    Necromunda forum RPG - Questions, commentary, general meta

    I'm interested, I've never done play by post but have done a little pen and paper D&D. Probably won't be able to help with admin much more than suggestions atm as I'm travelling a lot over the next few weeks
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    Yaktribe Community Project #2 - Archeotech Hunter

    That latest sketch looks spot on! Adding to what punktaku said, make one end of the pole a grapple gun. something pneumatic maybe, that gives the staff a sharp point. practical for exploration and counts as harpoon gun in game. Stick a spade head on the other end and you've got a battle axe and...
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    Radical Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn [WIP Conversion]

    I think the posing on your version looks better than the real one, I struggle to imagine a situation where anyone would have both arms thrown back like that and be looking at the floor...
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    Gdolkin's Hive and Gangs

    Those goliaths look great! I especially like the faces, you've avoided the clown like look the gw scheme has, those grins look a bit ridiculous on the web store...