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    Back in the game

    Got myself the new Necromunda boxed game a couple of weeks ago, in addition to Goliath dice, Goliath cards and Escher cards. I am currently on holiday in Cyprus and by pure fluke and utter chance located the Van Saar and Orlock card packs. 12 euros each, bought! No idea how the hell i'm going...
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    Comment by 'Jembo17' in media 'IMG_0763.JPG'

    Hey, fantastic miniature. What parts did you use to create him?
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    New models incoming

    Not a fan of the Enforcer models. I can see myself looking into using the Judge Dredd-esque heads from Puppets War miniatures and build me some judges.
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    New models incoming

    When is the book containing the Enforcers due to hit the shops?
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    My Goliath gang - 'Muscle Beach'

    Latest additions to the small army that is 'Muscle Beach'. One day i'll take a group picture. :cool: Couldn't have been done without the assistance of @KungFuPanda
  6. 'Muscle Beach' Goliath Gang

    'Muscle Beach' Goliath Gang

    Necromunda Goliaths
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    Back in the game

    Hey Yakkers, After a considerable hiatus spent playing other games (got majorly into Shadows of Brimstone after snagging a kickstarter pledge off eBay - what a game!), i'm looking back into Necromunda and what the hell has become of the game. Are all my 28mm figures now redundant that the...
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    Show us your Blood Bowl teams!

    That is an AMAZING Chaos team. Those Chaos Warriors have such character.
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    Show us your Blood Bowl teams!

    I'm annoyed that I could only *click* like just once for that team. Absolutely fantastic with the painting and conversions. Bravo Sir.
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    Show us your Blood Bowl teams!

    Oh i've got two different Griff's, and a couple of Zug miniatures (including the rare one holding his helmet in the air). They're just painted in different strips due to them being star players so wouldn't fit in with the team strip.