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    Skitarri rules question

    Good morning. Sorry I've been so absent the last several months. New job assignment twice, happy to still have a job of any kind in the oil industry right now, and really busy with my kids's sports. Anyhoo...I've been working up a plan for Skitarri in Shadow Wars. The HTH weapons list in the...
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    delete me

    :cry: And here I was somewhat excited about three and four-armed hybrids swamping the Space Marine Scouts in HTH...
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    delete me

    Downloadable genestealer faction sheet talks about extra attacks if a hybrid has extra arms. Am I missing something about how to give them more arms (like old Scavvy rules)?
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    Gangs Vs. Kill Teams

    So, has anyone given this a shot yet?
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    Necromunda Kickstarter for Necromunda terrain

    I checked it out. Looks like the Kickstarter is out of stock again with 6 days to go. Guess there are a few people who like the old Necro terrain.
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    Competition "Wyrd Wyrd World" Yak Comp 18

    Lots of good entries here. Wish I had some time to enter something, but life is getting in the way. Good luck all.
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    YakTribe Thread Organization and FAQ Builder

    @Blood Donor , you've still got me. Life has impeded any real sort of model making or painting, but I see the value in this project. That's why I gave it some time last summer...and you'll get more from me when we go to Phase 2.
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    YakTribe Thread Organization and FAQ Builder

    I can also endorse this estimate of effort for this project. As you can see, the product is quite valuable, so I am in for the next round and would encourage others to participate.
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    Competition "Never Judge a .... by it's cover" Yak Comp 17

    Wow...just wow. Let me pick my jaw up off the floor now...
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    Competition "Never Judge a .... by it's cover" Yak Comp 17

    I'm gonna pass on this one, my friends. In the lead up to Christmas, any spare time will be for family and my languishing Necro-Resurrection project.
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    YakTribe Thread Organization and FAQ Builder

    @Blood Donor , life is soon to be less crazy. Feel free to PM me in a couple weeks to work on some more of this.
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    Yeah...real life tends to snatch us from the jaws of glorious geekdom every now and then...
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    Competition YakTribe Competition 16 "Pop Culture"

    Lots of potential here, but I'm gonna sit this one out. Too match on the plate right now and non of it is Necromunda related.
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    Competition YakTribe Competition 16 "Pop Culture"

    Ughhh, great theme, excellent ideas from @Loriel, but I'm not sure I am ready to commit again after two consecutive YakComps in the basement. I need time to let my ego recover... ...but then again, there's always Roland Deschain, Marshal Pentecost, and the Humongous beckoning to me from the...
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    Competition YakComp 15 "The BFG"

    Since when did the Goliaths care what anyone else thinks about them...?