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    looks great and in the same colors as my gang!
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    these look awesome!
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    Show us yer stuff! (Newby introduction thread)

    oops forgot to upload some of my faithful!
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    Show us yer stuff! (Newby introduction thread)

    Hey there fellow hive scum I've been around for awhile but Finally trying to become more active I live in Massachusetts and play Necromunda, 40k and Armada and would love to get more games in so if your in Mass and want to get a game in sometime shoot me a message!
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    Zone Mortalis and Necromunda Terrain

    Hello there Fellow Hive scum I have been slowly painting my board working on a 3x3 and I was wondering to most of you glue the terrain on the tiles together? (Walls and floors) or do you leave them modular I keep going back and forth on how to ultimately assemble my table for the completed...
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    N18 Escher for new Campaign Help!

    Hey there fellow hive dwellers! I am looking for some assistance with an Escher list for a new campaign for my 9 year old daughter we have about 7 gangs that will be participating in the campaign no corpse grinders or enforcers surprisingly we are allowing the house books and I need some...
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    N18 Does anyone smell...salvation?

    @InquisitorVex I think the new DLC is awesome! being able to play as my favorite gang in Necromunda makes it much more enjoyable. I still wish they would add a new weapons of the underhive DLC and give us more weapon options how awesome would a chain glaive be in game haha oh and bomb rats!
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    N18 Does anyone smell...salvation?

    I am so excited for this release Cawdor is my go to gang! I am going to have to pace myself with the new stuff as I already have 60ish Cawdor fighters Lmao
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    ORB NecroOldSchool Arbites Questions.

    Oh awesome thanks alot!!!
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    ORB NecroOldSchool Arbites Questions.

    Ben I was looking for a sample gang roster or 2 just to get an idea of what people would run I have heard night mare stories of all shotguns just wrecking other gangs.
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    ORB NecroOldSchool Arbites Questions.

    Hey guys I have been considering playing Old school necromunda with some friends to see the differences and we are going to play with classic models for fun sake Hah! I was wondering if anyone has any decent Arbites lists I tried to check online and I couldn't find anything I'm not trying to...
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    N18 1st Goliath gang

    Hello there fellow underhive dwellers. I have recently started working on coming up with lists for my new goliath gang any thoughts would be appreciated! I am not new to necromunda but I am not as seasoned as I would like so here goes 1000 creds Leader: heavy bolter Bulging biceps 2×...