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    N18 Spinal injury bionic?

    Depending on how much the credit rating matters in your campaign, and how abundant XP is, it can make sense to just rely on XP to shore up injuries.
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    N18 Two Questions on Psykers

    The effects of drugs definitely wear off after the battle they're in. What's less clear is if powers gained from exposure to unrefined ghast during the ghast harvest mission wears off. There's stuff in that table that explicitly says it's temporary (e.g. today I'm emperor) and it's not...
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    N18 Genestealer Cult roster guidance, please

    Eh, talk to your arbitrator, pre house gangs are weird
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    N18 Genestealer Cult roster guidance, please

    I mean if you wanna be mean, infiltrate demolition charges. Also, your abberrant is desperate for the ability to take skills, so if you are at all able, you should have him start as a specialist ganger instead of one of your neophytes.
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    N18 Orlock Greenhorns - How to use them, a learning experience

    Yeah but he has a champion buddy that was only 50c more than him with the same loadout, and she murders stuff. So by comparison he looked like a waste.
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    N18 Orlock Greenhorns - How to use them, a learning experience

    He couldn't get into combat, mainly. I tossed a frenzon collar at him to see if that did anything, but he kept getting shot to bits so eventually i retired him. I guess if I was more stringent about keeping him cheap he might've felt more reasonable.
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    N18 Escher - New Player, New Gang - Help me avoid obvious pitfalls!

    dammit, this had all the hallmarks of a start of a feud spanning years and dozens of unrelated threads And now you've gone and become all civil
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    N18 Orlock Greenhorns - How to use them, a learning experience

    Having tooled up a zealot, i can report that hes still useless. Just hold out till you get c for a deacon.. its 50c more, which isnt a lot in the scheme of things
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    N18 So this is my campaign Squat gang. Now, which way do I develop them?

    Yes its not very balanced, but its unambiguously the rules.
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    N18 How do vehicle crew even shoot?

    Pretty sure they can 360 noscope with their pistols, if you give them any. That said, you can only fire your sidearms as part of a Move And Shoot action, I'm pretty sure, since Fire All only mentions crew weapons and not sidearms, whereas Move and Shoot mentions either a crew weapon or a...
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    N18 House of Faith

    Do you play skirmish or campaign? because I can see us struggling quite a bit in skirmish, but in my experience campaign mode is very very kind to cawdor
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    N18 House of Faith

    By the by, do people really run pure cawdor or redemptionist gangs? I see them painted up like that all the time, and it seems like such a harsh way to hamstring yourself considering how limited cawdor is in terms of equipment compared to other gangs, if you only look at one of the subfactions.
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    N18 House of Faith

    Well it's a question of how much it's a "do" and how much it's a property of having it around.
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    N18 House of Faith

    Probably. We run it that you still keep your bonus rolls from chaos familiars and stuff even if the familiar is injured, so i think that'd carry over to the cherubs too.
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    N18 Lobo Slaves on Bikes

    Does the book say why you get pinned is different when you're mounted vs. when you're not? Or is it the same reason either way?