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    N18 Looking for house rule suggestions

    Didn't know that. eventhough this is slightly offtopic RAW from archeotech device can be given to any weapon and no rule makes normal melee weapon roll ammo die wich subsequently mean that eventhough they "technically" have unstable rule, it wouldn't never be invoked due lack of ammoroll test...
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    Necromunda Not new hobby blog (mostly 40k at the moment)

    My gåd that Khorne Lord of Skulls is super wicked! I love it! both it and those helldrakes really reminded me somehow about Heman universe. I don't know (or remember) does some particular monstrosity on the heman universe look like that, but they look like something that could be in heman...
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    N18 Looking for house rule suggestions

    I havent personally tested these but one of my friend have started his own campaign and has told me that these local house rules works really well: Every experience point gained is 1d3 experience point (effectively means double the experience) they made similar income / tax table as the old...
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    N18 Looking for house rule suggestions

    Disclaimer: I have played last time couple years ago and for example I havent really look in to Dark Uprising etc. Thus our local gaming clubs house rules are formed when Dominion Campaing and the 2 hard cover rule books were around. Bottle test: We count Broken fighters when testing the...
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    Loriel's Terrain / Model Blog

    thanks. hopefully i manage to get time to actual build the Emerald City. I think it could look really cool with loads of bridges and platforms. It is complete another thing is it actually good gaming table :D
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    Loriel's Terrain / Model Blog

    oh boy it has been a long time since last update. but luckily there is going to be couple pictures atleast :D
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    Necromunda Gangs of the Babel

    My intention was that only one spirit ward can be fitted per fighter. And Spirit Infusion can be obtained by territory. I had following design in the territories (some minor tweaks to original N17 territories) then One custom territory for every outlaw gang, which gives boon to them. then two...
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    Out of curiosity does someone, who is on the picture / has played / builded this magnificent terrain piece, be a member of yaktribe?
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    Necromunda Hive Guys Franchise thread

    I love it!
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    What...the....f$&k? This is NECROMUNDA
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    Comment by 'Loriel' in media '01WIP_Zombie_Master.JPG'

    really cool figure? are those hands vampire counts ghouls?
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    Still Life Comic about Munda/40k/Killteam thingyabobwhotsit

    I was summoned! I used Comic Life 2 / 3 for the reports. And for some pictures i used gimp, but no for all. If you want to see look my signature Campaigns winter has come, lanta sector, spire of babel, saga and emberwastes was done with it. (Winter is coming pit slaves also)
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    Necromunda Theme music for Necromunda

    excellent atmosfear :D They have album on spotify. I will probably add it to Space Hulk list a
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    Beardy's Cave.

    Hero of yaktribe has return! (this was reference to good old X-Com team :D ) Bollocks! :D Filled me with joy when noticed that there was notification from Beardy's Cave