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    Glazes and Contrast paints

    I've been using contrast paints straight from the pot as glazes, although your milage may vary. They're a little thicker, but I didn't think they are too bad. Probably best to have a play, but I found the lighter colours work better
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    The Misadventures of the "Buttercup" - A 5 parsecs from home story

    Life is still horribly life-like, although as a distraction I've now also picked up a copy of 5 leagues from the borderlands, the fantasy version. I'll have to make time for this. Maybe even a Christmas special
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    FYSC Orctober Submissions Thread

    All I have finished this month is some fantasy scatter terrain On the plus side this is stuff that has been rattling around the bottom of my paint box for months that is now finally out of the way
  4. Scatter


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    FYSC September Submissions Thread

    There's nothing like a deadline to improve one's productivity. This month I finished most of a gang for Tribemeet. Along with an entry for Yakcomp 43.
  6. FYSC September - Necromunda batch

    FYSC September - Necromunda batch

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    The Misadventures of the "Buttercup" - A 5 parsecs from home story

    In a break from the scheduled adventures, the crew of the Buttercup have gotten a little bit lost!
  8. Lost!


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    Lyndons log of seemingly random stuff!

    Yakcomp 43 entry finished! Now I just need to stop procrastinating and finish my gang before Tribemeet :LOL:
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    Competition Yakcomp 43 "Future shock!"

    Ser Rodderick, Knight of Justice The armour was old. Very old. Legends said that in ages past, great cities of men towered over the land, reaching to the heavens themselves. The armour was supposedly a relic of that time, protecting champions of justice as they went about their duty. Whatever...
  11. Brave Ser Rodderick

    Brave Ser Rodderick

    Made for Yakcomp 43
  12. Brave Ser Roddericks rear

    Brave Ser Roddericks rear

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    Lyndons log of seemingly random stuff!

    More new projects! I finally decided to enter Yakcomp 43. There's still 2 weeks left, right? Taking a Necromunda Enforcer, and turning it into a fantasy knight. I liked this head, but test fitting with blutack makes me think it's a little small.
  14. Yakcomp 43 #3

    Yakcomp 43 #3

    Head test
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    Competition Yakcomp 43 "Future shock!"

    Because I already have too much to do, I shall be entering this comp too. As I already have lots of fantasy miniatures converted to sci-fi, I'll be using a Necromunda model to make a fantasy one. To start He still needs hands and a head (maybe? Headless knight might be fun) and some way to...