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    FYSC June Submissions Thread

    I've finished an eclectic bunch of stuff this month.
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    Lyndons log of seemingly random stuff!

    It's been another slow month hobby wise :cry: All I've finished so far are a zombie that has been loose in my painting box for months (if not years), and an old Eldar guardian (that I don't even remember assembling, and is probably 20+ years old) painted as a Precursor for 5 parsecs. On...
  3. Zombie


    From a Mantic board game
  4. Precursor Wanderer

    Precursor Wanderer

  5. Lyndon

    Lyndons log of seemingly random stuff!

    Presenting, the stuff I almost finished in May. Just 2 days late for the FYSC :rolleyes: Oh well, I can enter them into this months now. First up is a couple of simple fences. I prefer the one with the larger mesh, but after making it realised that I had used the last piece. I started with...
  6. Ork buggy

    Ork buggy

  7. Fences


    A couple of simple fences
  8. Indigo's new look

    Indigo's new look

    Now wearing combat armour and carrying a big gun
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    The Misadventures of the "Buttercup" - A 5 parsecs from home story

    So, real life has gotten in the way for a bit, but don't worry, the 'Buttercup' is back! Campaign Turn 12 The crew pays out 2 credits, 1 to keep them in supplies, and the other to keep the debt collectors off their back. Fezzik is cluttering up the sick-bay again, and has 3 turns left...
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    Lyndons log of seemingly random stuff!

    One hand replacement surgery later. The old space marine hands were similar in size to his other hand, so I used one of those.
  11. Wyrd Update

    Wyrd Update

    With a new, bigger hand
  12. Not the face, man!

    Not the face, man!

  13. Gotcha


  14. Where do they come from?

    Where do they come from?

  15. Vent crawlers attack

    Vent crawlers attack