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    Question Transfer guild roster to necromunda tools

    Are you referring to legacy Necromunda or Necromunda Underhive tools?
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    N18 Are champions heavys in the gang manager??

    Make sure you're using the Underhive tools and not the legacy Necromunda tools.
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    Necromunda Item Cost Different From Rating

    Technically with how the system is structured, yes it's possible. It would require some kind of prompt when purchasing an item to change the credits charged so it's separated from the rating cost. A majority of the time you're going to be buying for the same cost so I'd rather the default...
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    Update Underhive Tools Development

    Tools Update - Book of Judgement Part 1 Initial update to get Enforcers (mostly) added to the tools Enforcer gang type added Most new Enforcer weapons and associated stats added Palanite Dill skills added and linked to Enforcers
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    Necromunda Palanite Enforcers for Underhive?

    GW picked a bad time to release a new book, don't they know there's a lot of events and vacation in my life right now? Sheesh. I actually managed to pick up the book today from FLGS. I'm leaving for family vacation tomorrow so I'm going to try and get as much entered tonight as possible as I...
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    Suggestion Remove Sticky of Outdated Threads in the Necromunda Subforum

    Wait, it looks like that bug is fixed? It looks like I can collapse stickies now, at least on mobile.
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    N18 Yaktribe Campaign System (Where we translate the old school feel to the modern game)

    If you're referring to the new book, it doesn't look like it changed anything at all. The new campaign seems to be Dominion with a few additional rules to handle outlaws.
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    Suggestion Remove Sticky of Outdated Threads in the Necromunda Subforum

    There's a bug with the theme I've been waiting for them to fix which separates the sticky section from the threads and allows that section to be collapsed. I'm going to harass them again as along with some other bugs in their add-ons they taking ages fixing anything.
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    Update Underhive Tools Development

    Apparently I didn't push that change live, likely due to beers. Can you check now? Servo-harness (both full and partial) now modifies stats automatically and will appear under stat modifications as Bionic.
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    WarHammer Age of Sigmar Warcry Runemarks Icon Font Set

    Really cool, thanks!
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    Update Yak forum updates discussion

    I'm referring to your OSX top menu and bottom Dock.
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    Update Yak forum updates discussion

    Yeah that's a lot of space taken overall. You can always set your top menu and dock to hide can't you? I can set that not to scroll either but it's global so I'd like to leave it as is.
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    Update Yak forum updates discussion

    uhhh that sounds crazy. Not sure what setup you have, what resolution it's running but I run Windows 10 with hidden task bar, browser maxed vertical and even with a bookmarks bar, search bar and tabs bar, combined with YakTribe it's 14% of space.
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    Bug Unable to buy armor for Hive Scum

    Sorry I missed this report. I've fixed Hive Scum to allow Armor.
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    Update Yak forum updates discussion

    It's slightly larger for you with your moderator status, so you don't get just the main bar but the extra bar at the very top. I believe I can hide that on scroll though. Edit: done, I've hidden the staff bar on scroll, hope that helps?