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    Necromunda The Sump: General hobby venting thread (Beware:grumpy grognards)

    Given the sorry state of affairs for Necromunda rules/books/encyclopedia sets, I'm actually shocked they're not dragging this out for another series of 6 books. The last thing this game needs is "extended rules for Escher and Goliath gangs" or for any of the other gangs at this point (which I'm...
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    New models incoming

    But they're updating 2 gangs per book - so at least that means there won't be 6 "Garage of" books! And given how this new campaign thing seems very spire-driven with all the noble-level intrigue, what are the chances we'll see a modern iteration of Spyrers?
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    New models incoming

    We've come a long way from scrappy street gangs, barely eking out an existence on the fringes of the underhive. Now we have high politics and Goliaths riding around on snowmobiles. Oh what a world!
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    Mr. M's Miniature Mayhem

    One thing I wanted to do on this miniature, but couldn't figure out, was how to do "heat bloom" or "heat fatigue" on the tip of the flamer (those colors some metals gets when they're exposed to heat). I wasn't sure if I'd ruin the NMM by glazing colors over it, so I just left it alone.
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    Mr. M's Miniature Mayhem

    A diversion from terrain was well worth it... Mr. Mangler is done, and will soon be on his way to Tribemeet! A chance to spill some blood (even if by proxy) in the inaugural Thundercube throw-down was just too good to pass up!
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    Tribemeet UK 2022 - How to be there by proxy…..

    DONE!!! This is about as good as I can paint... tried to pull out all the stops, and push my limits. So, if he falls flat, gets cold dice, or takes a header off a gantry at least he'll look good doing it! There may be a few details that need a touch-up once I let the paint dry, and look at it...
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    New models incoming

    Those Imperial Navy Breachers are excellent models! Definitely looking forward to those!
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    N18 The fundamental flaw of all campaigns

    Does the SPQR campaign have experience points as well as denarii/credits? If it doesn't, you guys might also try a similar guaranteed experience reward along with the credits.
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    N18 How much for a Flamer?

    It isn't just a problem with the price of flamers, but also the price (and capabilities) of hand flamers... If only hand flamers used the old small templates from N95! That would make the price of flamers, using the standard size template, more sensible.
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    N18 House of Faith

    @daveh Your Cawdor gang looks great - excellent job with the painting!
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    What I've been doing recently, a painting and modelling log...

    The tiger stripes look excellent, and you chose the right colors - "Those look like Bengal tiger stripes" was the first thing I thought when I saw your pictures! After seeing how they turned out, I'm not sure you'd want to make the edges much softer because they really look nice. Plus, I just...