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    NCE Necromunda Community Edition

    What if instead of numbers we named the pages after animals
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    Necromunda The Sump: An N17 venting thread

    tbf this was a useful warning
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    Necromunda House Favors: An N17 Wish/Want Thread

    I wouldn't mind Spyrers, but they'd need to be reworked pretty heavily. It should be possible to make a gang that keeps to 4-5 members and doesn't either die off early or ramp up to become unbeatable. The other gangs also have a lot more toys than they used to. The tough part would be finding a...
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    ntw3001's Necromunda Inquisitor Whatevers

    Last three, blip blap. Knifey, Axey and Binocularsey
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    ntw3001's Necromunda Inquisitor Whatevers

    Seven more Frostgraves are done (bar the green stuff, and uh the painting...). I have three left, then there's another box coming. Plenty of lads
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    Necromunda Anvil miniatures

    The size generally fits very well, although the Exo-Lords weapons are large. I would say the Regiments armoury is more suitable. I can uh ah Here you go. Those girls are a mix of Eschers and Wyches, with a mix of mostly Anvil and Zinge weapons. The double-barrelled shotgun, autogun and boltgun...
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    ntw3001's Necromunda Inquisitor Whatevers

    Delearic van Clemsdale is ready to get mucky in the dungeons of Warhammer Quest Delearic van Clemsdale Finished by ntw3001 posted May 12, 2019 at 8:17 AM
  14. Delearic van Clemsdale Finished

    Delearic van Clemsdale Finished