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    N18 Anyone Paid For Hired Guns

    My group uses a custom ruleset which allows for inducements to make up the difference in GR which the two gangs have on the table. I've used a bounty hunter a few times in order to buff my weaker gang to great effect. Beforehand, I did not consider the credit cost to be remotely worth it for a...
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    N18 Goliath Champ

    Flamers are good yeah, because they totally negate the poor BS that Goliaths have.
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    N18 Specialist Games email address?

    I think if you piece this up you will actually get replies to them all
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    N18 Specialist Games email address?

    I think 15 questions off the bat is a bit much and may get ignored, maybe try two to start and see what you get back?
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    N18 Specialist Games email address?

    I have emailed and had a reply to a rules query. Beware, you may not get a response which pleases you or your group. I don't want to sound disparaging of them but one of their responses seemed to mix in a 40k rule about assists. In any case, they replied promptly...
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    N18 Looking for a list of Hardback rules changes

    Honestly there are a lot and it would take a long time to figure them all out. Ive played through from the N17 boxed set through to now and I think I'm still finding subtle changes despite being 15+ games into the current campaign.
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    N18 House rule ammo checks, bring back the support gun!

    Personally I like the new ammo rules
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    N18 How to deal with bottling as an Escher

    Are you sure youre doing it correctly with the leader benefits? Auto passes within 12 and such
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    N18 New Goliath Gang

    I just had a look over your list and I think you can make it a little better. You want to have an overseer leader to get the most out of the heavy bolter. If you're going to do that, then most likely your leader is going to be giving up some activations and staying far away from the action. I'd...
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    N18 Versatile weapons and Consolidation

    They removed it so it must be purposeful, which is just ridiculous as the Impetuous skill was in my mind created with a consolidation into another fighter in mind. Also there is a tactics card 'Chain Attack' in the Escher pack which says you move 6" and make a fight action - but the rules...
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    N18 Lascutter

    Hey all, Not too long ago I posted about the charge rules and quoted an email from specialist games where I was offered 'clarification' on the rules. I also asked about lascutters as they have an ammo roll and are a CC weapon, and here is what was given in reply... "Good morning, With the...
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    N18 Chaaaarge!

    I think the email is saying that the only time you are actually permitted inside the 1" is when youre completing a charge. I.e. you are not allowed to enter and exit a 1" bubble to charge a different fighter.
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    N18 Chaaaarge!

    It's the part where they say "they are close enough to assist the fighter". I don't think it makes any sense that a fighter who isn't engaged with you should be able to provide assists, and in fact I really don't like that at all. Especially if you have to move to be 1" away immediately after...
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    N18 Chaaaarge!

    OK guys, A situation came up on a recent game of mine. Goliath A goes in to charge Van Saar A. Stood within 1 inch of Van Saar A is Van Saar B. According to the 1" rule, Goliath A can pass within 1 inch of any fighter as long as he ends up in base contact with somebody at the end of a charge...
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    I think grots add in great value if you need some BS3 on the cheap. What do you guys think of the bolas and the net?