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    N18 Scenario: Attack on precinct 95

    Yea it could work. Much like the same way you get to save from toxins. I have the weekend off so I might do some editing and ideas how the battlefield will look.
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    N18 Scenario: Attack on precinct 95

    There are acually 3 keeps but you only need to destroy the inner keep to win. However I did my math wrong. It should be D3+1 Bomb token per attacking gang. QUOTE="Scabs, post: 228322, member: 8662"] I like strongpoint weapons. OK, I think I do. If they can't be neutralized, they are gonna be a...
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    N18 Scenario: Attack on precinct 95

    So Im thinking of running a skirmish multiplayer scenario this summer. The main idea is that the palatine enforcers of precinct 95 gets attacked by a coalition of other housegangs. So here is my ideas. Note its not done yet. BATTLEFIELD This scenario uses a 6x4' table and the terrain is...
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    Necromunda Miniwargaming Necromunda Narrative Campaign

    So how much screaming is there?
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    One easy fix imo is to set the minimum pen to 0.
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    So I went over the rules for the different types of enforcer armour and became a bit confused. Hardened Flak cost 20 and is a normal flak with the per that it reduce pen by 1 to a minimum of 1. Now the enforcers gets a armoured undersuit as well. So you start with a 5+ save 4+ if its blasts...
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    Bug Spyker Skills

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    Bug Spyker Skills

    The Spykers Savant skill is listed at a 15 exp cost when it is a Primary skill.
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    The Cold and Dangerous North Hive

    There is a bit of Veren von braon over him
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    N18 Generic Delaque advice? (theory crafting)

    So what do you think about the Gravgun? Imo its better then plasma in the way it both have quite a punch and area control regardless if you hurt the target. Thinking combining that with Fast Shot to get a support area deny
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    N18 Delaque Scale comparison

    Sheeesh they are tall...
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    State of the Underhive 2018

    My 2 creds on the current state of Necromunda. Its improving. I never had any real issues with the gang war books. Mostly becouse my gaming group agreed on whats "canon" rules and whats not. The core mechanics are solid. The only thing I really missed was an advanced campain mode and with the...
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    N18 Grav Gun AP

    Could it be for nonliving things? Thinking of NCE and the destroy x thing
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    The Cold and Dangerous North Hive

    Xmas is comming!
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    Necromunda Pre-Delaque/GW5/Compendium Release Ramblings

    Yo dawg I heard you like supressors. So we put supressors on your supressors so you can supress when you are supressing