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    OrcJuice's Wants & Haves (Want: House of Blades, metal Escher Juves Have: OOP metal gangers from 90s)

    Sorry, I kind of forgot about this thread, I've recently recovered from COVID. I'll look over the weekend and let you know what I have.
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    OrcJuice's Wants & Haves (Want: House of Blades, metal Escher Juves Have: OOP metal gangers from 90s)

    I'm not real sure. I can look later when I get home. I have quite a few. Just keep in mind they are painted, poorly.
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    N18 Board Sizes and Shapes do matter

    I build a 3'x3' board with a 9" "moat" through the middle of it and we use it for 1v1 gang fights and even 4 gang free-for-all fights and everyone loves it. Sometimes we use the moat in the middle to split the board into two sections so 4 gangs can fight in 2 simultaneous games of 1v1. Works...
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    N18 Two-Handed Power Sword

    Now you're talking! This would actually be pretty cool. I'd use it for "special" loot crates opened in custom scenarios.
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    N18 Two-Handed Power Sword

    Why not? More options, more models, more customizations. More, MORE, MOAR! 🥄🥄🍴🏹🦯🔨⚒️🪓🔪🗡️⚔️
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    N18 Stimm-Slug & Hyper Chems

    Hello all, Quick question, do stimm-slugs stack with Escher Hyper chems? If so, the Goliath gang in my next campaign might be my best customer! As always, thanks in advance!
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    N18 Two-Handed Power Sword

    Thank you for the quick replies! You guys are amazing! Bummer on the lack of 2-handed Power Swords!
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    N18 Two-Handed Power Sword

    Hello all, Not sure if this is the correct place or not, but in the ForgeWorld Escher Champions Weapons it includes a "Two-Handed Power Sword". I was wondering, is this a thing and where are the rules for it? Or is it just a power sword being wielded with two hands? For reference: Two-Handed...
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    New models incoming

    That thing is awful. The sculpt, the paintjob I don't like (not that I could do better). This will be a hard pass for me.
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    YakTribe Christmas Exchange 2021! Roll up, roll up, get yer names in!

    This looks amazing and sad to say I missed it! I'll mark my calendar for next year. I look forward to everyone's gifts!
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    The Great Bits trade topic

    I might be able to help. I'm looking for the Escher "champion" legs and torso. The figure used for the chem-thrower.
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    N18 Death Maidens, Pistols, and Toxins

    Thank you for both the reminder for Sidearm and the clarification of the rules. So, now I'm guessing if I understand how melee and sidearm and attacks work! A death maiden has 3 attacks. If she charges she gets a bonus attack (now I'm even second guessing that. I think I read free fight action...
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    N18 Death Maidens, Pistols, and Toxins

    If this has been asked before, I apologize. Hopefully I can also ask my question in a way where it makes sense. Let's say my Death Maiden (equipped with a Plasma Pistol & Stiletto Sword) charges a Goliath. Let's say her Pistol hits twice and the Sword hits once. Can I administer all the Pistol...
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    N18 Rolling Multiple Injury Dice

    Thank you very much. That is what I thought.