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    N18 New Goliath for dominion campaign

    the original gang wasn't legal so I switched most of it now! I ended up changing it all anyway! I got tempted by flamers since we need to move up ideally anyway
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    N18 New Goliath for dominion campaign

    Ok thanks guys completely miss read the bit about more gangers, I assumed leader and champion counted! I was underwelmed with most of our starting skills to be honest and didn't want a spam, we have a no more than 3 rule on weapons and equipment
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    N18 New Goliath for dominion campaign Hopefully here's the link for my new Goliath gang, any thoughts?
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    Yakday Peterborough 2017

    Ha ha! Hey all just had a email to remind me about this thread! Sounds a great idea, I'll have to look at the details and logistics of it before confirmation with the mrs, definitely interested tho,
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    Blood and iron

    Hey guys I've just downloaded the blood and iron take 3 and it's missing points cost for the arco flail has anyone got a updated version or did it not get used anymore?