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    N18 Weird Dark Uprising "Play mat"

    So I bought Dark Uprising and got the weird double sided play mat thing. What the hell is it even for? In the rule book where you set up the game it talks about the tiles from the other game and then the 12"x12" tiles that you can buy (If you're lucky). It suggests making a 4X4 board out of the...
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    N18 New Hive War Cards

    Thanks for the info, it's a shame that I missed out but hopefully they'll do a reprint or something, it's super annoying when it's things like the Hive War where you can't get the rules elsewhere, at least with some of the sets the rules are printed in books as well do you don't need them...
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    N18 New Hive War Cards

    So in classic GW style the gang cards sold out online pretty much instantly, before in fact I even realised they were a thing as they weren't previewed. Anyone have a set and/or know what they contain? From my understanding they were a cool and interesting way of generating random scenarios. Sad...
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    N18 House of Blades (General discussion)

    I'm with you on that, I really like them too, combined with the base Escher gang, forgeworld parts and all the other stuff out there I'm sure it will be possible to do great things. The sculpt I really dislike though is the weird thing from a previous preview, the abomination with the saw off...
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    N18 House of Blades (General discussion)

    I think so too, in BOP we see the corpse guild and there is that sweet picture of the Pale Consort who is the leader of the corpse guild scavenger party and a woman, in the picture she looks to have stiletto knives. Further more in BOJ there is the Resurrection Game where you can revive dead...
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    Necromunda Necromunda Computer game announced

    Not sure where to post this so please feel free to move this thread to where it belongs. Do any one you guys and gals know anymore than the meager offerings on steam and the web page...
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    N18 House of Blades (General discussion)

    I guess that's true, but we all know how good power hammers are so I'd hate to see all gang leaders wielding them. Also I was forgetting about the new weapon restrictions placed on gang members in house of chains so I guess maybe that will help funnel gang members into the role they were...
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    N18 House of Blades (General discussion)

    While I love Necromunda and always happy to see further releases is anyone else a little dismayed to see Escher getting a bunch of stuff from other gangs? I really liked the fact that certain weapons were favoured by certain gangs and I feel that maybe in the future we will just see carbon copy...
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    N18 Ideas for Base management, Fortifications, Vehicles and Mechs in N18?

    Love these ideas. Did you consider adding a gang specific chain? For example, Delaque could get an informers circuit and the Escher could get some kind or stimm dealer? Cawdor could get a shire thing as they're religious while Orlock could get a mining thingy and Goliath a forge like thing. As...
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    Comment by 'Rikokrates' in media 'DSCF0376~2.JPG'

    Cool, thanks. I might get some made up for my favourite gang. I have so many models I can't really justify getting them all done, maybe a for a few notable cases such as characters who were awesome in various campaigns!
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    Comment by 'Rikokrates' in media 'DSCF0376~2.JPG'

    Nice, thanks I'll check them out. Are they also the same size as the models vision arc?
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    Comment by 'Rikokrates' in media '20200121_120909.jpg'

    Nice, how long do you think it took for you to paint them all? Do you have other gangs too?
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    Comment by 'Rikokrates' in media '20200121_121147.jpg'

    Damn! Those faces look so good! Where's the cute little cat from?
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    Comment by 'Rikokrates' in media '20200121_121237.jpg'

    Awesome! What's the cute little pet you've got going on there with the beatbox?