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    What major problems exist in each edition?

    I get that with my chaos army too. I'm playing the old Corsairs fluff (traitor marines rather than full on Cenobine-level Chaos), but GW reeeeaaaaaally wants me to have giant gaudy Khorne daemon vehicles and be Black Legion.
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    What major problems exist in each edition?

    It's funny you mention the issue of people trashing new players. I was up late with my dog last night and was taking notes on issues I have with 40k in general. Maybe it's because I'm a dirty hippy, but one of the thing I was writing about was aggressive competitiveness. I was thinking about...
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    Traveller to 40K2 Conversions

    Gorkamorka and 2nd ed 40k are on the same scale in terms of numbers. It's just that in 40k, you have more weapons that hit harder and have wild armour penetration rolls on multiple dice. When you're dealing with bikes and small vehicles, you're in that 8-12 range. Note that common small arms hit...
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    What major problems exist in each edition?

    I think what I was talking about (and a lot of what you do too) is in fact a rules issue. Making every subsequent release better than the last so it can win more is a rules problem. Regular "errata" (which is nothing more than hasty rule changes) is a rule problem. The other part of what you're...
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    What major problems exist in each edition?

    That's a good point. That seems to be the issue with 9th edition; the problems seem to be coming from the regular errata and power creep within each codex release.
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    What major problems exist in each edition?

    Disclaimer: I'm not looking for crapping on any edition. I'm also not looking for rants. I mentioned that I've been contemplating trying to make a sort of Frankenstein version of 40k. There are elements of 2nd edition that I just can't let go, and some of these have shown back up in recent...
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    2nd Edition: Anyone ever math-out point costs?

    Ooo. I did not know that. Definitely worth a look, even if it just gives a starting point. Thanks.
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    2nd Edition: Anyone ever math-out point costs?

    I've been picking at 2nd edition for a while now very slowly. I've been wanting to recompile the rules as well as add in some of the newer models that never had rules. While some units are easy enough (take X squad and change their wargear options, or take Y squad and give the Z's stats), I'm...
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    Best ruleset for small games of 40k?

    You could use Necromunda as a base and just add kill team-like units. I'm not sure what you mean about RPG elements, but you can add those. Instead of just playing doinky doinky gang fights (where you just bang your models together until someone wins), try building actual objectives. Convince an...
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    Tanks are a waste of resources

    The problem is that you were playing 9th edition. :p I haven't played 9th edition, and the more I hear about it, the more I don't want to. The rules for vehicles are apparently broken as hell, making them worthless. But then the power creep problem in 9th edition means everything except the...
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    Yakhammer 40k AKA Yakhammer in SPAAACE!! AKA SUMPHAMMER!! (2nd Edition Discussion)

    I've been wanting to revisit 2nd edition for several years. I just didn't like the changes 3rd edition made, and while some things got better, 6th and 7th edition (where one of my groups stopped) just got so unnecessarily complicated and bloated, and 0th edition is apparently the Whose Line of...
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    ORB player aid (I think)

    Good find. I've seen a few play aids from that creator, and they are all of really high quality. Plus, a game like Necromunda benefits from a lot of reference material.
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    Am I the only one that doesn't like NCE?

    The problem I have is that they are restrictive. The whole issue with the House Weapon Lists, primarily, is that they invalidate several models from the original line. Mr. Case's restrictive decision to prohibit access to Leader weapons is a step backwards, since some models are armed with some...
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    Plasticard size for Necromunda

    I've been buying mine locally. Find anywhere that sells model trains or RC hobby parts and you will find card. To give a tip, the other name is polystyrene. Any plastics company should be able to help you, providing they know what you're talking about. Styrene sheets are sometimes also used by...
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    Am I the only one that doesn't like NCE?

    I agree that people should play with the rules they are comfortable with. No argument there. To address a few misunderstandings, I also agree that rules for catching fire were fine. Necromunda is a small enough game that doing a little accounting isn't a big deal. That's a perfect example of...