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    Necromunda From Hoard To Hive (WIP Terrain)

    Can he get a piece of that tasty cake please?
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    Comment by 'Sobek' in media 'C69CC1FA-862C-4DA0-BB0A-6BE252B2D7F6.jpeg'

    Yeah, I could try for sure. Many small parts I did not bother to sculpt myself: Base model for the Mercator is the Blackstone Fortress Navigator. Head is from the WH Fantasy Flagellant kit, random small cables / bionic eye from all over my bits box, as well as some wire / paper clips. Trophy...
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    N18 Thermic Vent S-109 - Vertical Board and Bulkhead Terrain

    Exactly what Sobek thought when he saw! Boat Brawl Extravaganza!
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    H's Scavvies!

    Great base model with a subtle yet effective conversion - though it definitely takes a Goliath to put a telescopic sight on a shotgun...
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    Necromunda The Rathole Angels - Complete!

    He likes the leader thingy but Sobek is not sold on the pink plasma glow. What about some greenish turquoise-y tones? He can see why you did it though, but plasma pistol glow and goggles should be a different colour imho. Sobek out.
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    The Cold and Dangerous North Hive

    The guy with pyramid hammer is just bit over the top (his weapon, that is) for a non-stimm-muscle-meatball Goliath-y type of person and his pose looks weird - maybe try another pair‘o‘ legs? The concept is kinda cool but doesn’t work yet I‘m afraid. But keep it coming, cool stuff all around...
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    N17 Forward Assist's Delaque Gang.

    Not sure on the right arm, she looks like she was carrying the Olympic flame... Certainly not charging anyone holding a mace like that unless it‘s a Goliath and you want to drive that thingy right through one of his nostrils... Parts are well selected, fits the theme well, but you can improve...
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    Necromunda Slave to the Necro WIP

    Same-y-same here: Sobek has decided that hats look dumb on sump crocs. Also seeing that people-grinder you made, Sobek has decided to not want to live in your sump anymore. But looking lovely nonetheless, will recommend it to his friends if any come passing by. Also he a big fan of sump city...
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    The Cold and Dangerous North Hive

    Regarding sub-assembly for painting: It may be too late, but you don‘t have to glue the torso to the legs just yet, that connector is just fine for assembly and fitting all parts and priming as a whole (in case you want to do any of them zenithal priming shenanigans)... But some battle damage...
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    The Unkindness

    Clicked on that Instagram link and... Oh my Yak! ...are you one of the guys running the Sump City Radio podcast? To all my little Yak friends here: Go check that out. Now! It‘s just awesome. By the way: Happy Year of the Rat everyone!
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    The Unkindness

    Especially considering it‘s the rat that has the bionics. „Throw me.“ „You sure, rat master?“ „...yeah, kinda... if those explosives in my stomach don‘t blow up that Gang hideout over there, just make sure to come pick me up...“ Those turquoise feathers really pop against the dark, muted...
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    Necromunda Slave to the Necro WIP

    You making fun of Sobek, ancient God of Lying-around and Waiting for food to come along?
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    Necromunda Slave to the Necro WIP

    I just might do that, Sir!
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    Necromunda Slave to the Necro WIP

    Can Sobek live in that sump river, Sir... please? Looks like a very very cool place to hang out and watch them Gang Wars unfold.
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    Necromunda Slave to the Necro WIP

    As a sumpcroc that's been socialized in Germany Sobek's love for viennese slang at least equals his love for thingies. In Viennese dialect, almost anything sounds like "I don't give a f**k" or "who cares, f**k off". There's a saying along the lines of "Vienna is a lovely city - except for the...