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    N18 Do you actually get to use backstab?

    OH! The first "turn to face" step is just for the attacker, not the target. I was misreading it as doing the "turn to face" actions for everyone involved. Must have been glazing over the reaction attack step description. Thanks.
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    N18 Do you actually get to use backstab?

    So you have a weapon with backstab, or the skill, and you've just charged a fighter, or activated an already engaged fighter. In the Fight action steps, it appears to me that your opponent get the option to turn and face you before you even choose the backstab weapon. So, you've charged, and...
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    N18 Shields and Pinning

    I had better luck with the shields once I replace all their other gear with a bit of armor. I had a Van Saar tek with the shield and mesh on top of his underarmor. He managed to hold out 4 rounds against a psi-ghiest with the phase claws (which ignore armor). My guy should have been died in the...
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    N18 Shields and Pinning

    I think in the rule book it talks about fighters taking cover when proved, like Lord Hugo said. If they have a shield, they are carrying cover. Seems like the shield could convey a cover save and an armor save, but that does seem too much in this game. That they lose the shield totally after the...
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    N18 RPG! RPG!! A 3 Charge-Caster Ash Wastes Nomad gang. (Can it work?)

    Well, it says "the first time a friendly model within 3" so I think it's just the first launcher within 3" that needs a rocket gets it, and no more.
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    N18 Non plasma Van Saar

    The Fast Shot skill is your friend here. With all those plentiful weapons you could have 3 fighters putting out 6+ shots a round depending on which las-variant you give them. Give one of the champs two las-subcarbines and fast shot and they are brutalizing two enemies with 2-6 hits a shot at...
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    N18 RPG! RPG!! A 3 Charge-Caster Ash Wastes Nomad gang. (Can it work?)

    Yea, it's definitely "is model in range of itself" and "is model friendly with itself". It's a minimal-munitioner. Although, the wording does seem to lean toward helping a friend out, but maybe that just means that if you bunch up your rockets then they can share ammo. I really like the fluff of...
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    N18 House of Artifice (General discussion)

    I would love it to mean any weapon in the starting gang, but I think "they" is singular in this case, like others have said. I think there is room to play it either way, but it would be an arbitrator kinda call. Maybe you could tie it to post battle actions to try to balance it. Let's say, if...
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